5 Tips to Make Your Training Video Content More Effective

5  Tips to Make Your Training Video Content More Effective 

Training video content can be used to increase consumer satisfaction of your brand while engaging your staff and employees in the actions and behaviors that will lead your brand to success. In fact, people firmly believe the in the power of training video content to help them genuinely learn new tasks and skills. If you’re not using training video to deliver powerfully engaging training to your audience, you’re really missing out! Checkout these 5 tips to make your training video content more effective for your audience and your brand. 

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1. Spell it Out in a Script 

First and foremost, before you create any training video content it’s important to write a script. Failure to write a script can result in your videos being redundant, ongoing, or boring. It’s obviously exciting to jump right into the fun part and begin training video production, but you need a script to ensure you deliver content that is audibly acceptable and understandable. 

2. Stay Short 

You’ll hear the word “Concise” used to discuss video content a lot. This is because keeping videos short and concise is vital to audience engagement. People have very short attention spans. Training video content that is short and concise will ensure the best engagement. Avoid videos that are overly long. Instead, break topics down into shorter topics. Ideally, 5 minutes or less is best. 

3. Keep Background Simple 

An elaborate background can be distracting to training video content. The last thing you want is your audience to be distracted from the key message. Keep the background simple and focus on the key points or key elements of each set to deliver the core message. 

4. Incorporate Graphics 

Simple graphics can make complex topics in your training video content easier to understand. Work with your training video production company to determine which topics or concepts of your training content are most complex and would benefit from incorporating graphics. Consider titles, bullet point lists, and simple image graphics to increase understanding of your content. 

5. Gather Inspiration 

Is there a particular type of training video content that you know your audience has benefited from in the past? Discuss this with your training video content production crew so that they can gather inspiration from the past projects. This will help to bring new light to the current project. 

Ready to hire a professional to help you produce training video content that will effectively deliver complex topical training to your team? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. 

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