4 Strategies for Success when Hosting a Virtual Conference

Social distancing has changed the way we work and play. Much of what we do is not done virtually, online. This includes our conferences for work, school, medical sessions, and other important areas of our lives. Major in-person conferences have all but been shut down, with favor placed on virtual conference events. Hosting a virtual conference, all be it, much like an in-person event, has its ups and downs, and success doesn’t come from simply throwing the event together. Follow these strategies for success when hosting a virtual conference event.

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Pick A Theme that is Niche Specific

With virtual conferences now taking place almost solely online, there’s an abundance of them to choose from. The steps you take now to stand out against the competition will create the defining factor of whether people attend and engage in your event — or not. Pick a theme that makes sense and is niche-specific. You want attendees to feel that they are benefiting from the content and moving together in a set direction, so make sure you choose a theme that will be impactful and emotionally targeted. Make sure the theme is carried out throughout the entire virtual conference event.


 Incorporate Live Video

Hosting a virtual conference that will engage your audience requires live video sessions that people can interact with. Make sure that you provide live video interactive sessions frequently throughout the duration of the event. Live streaming content adds the element of human interaction and an “anything goes” feel that people crave. Don’t skip this part!

 Provide Interactive Elements

Live video and interactive options for attendees are where a lot of people hosting a virtual conference tend to go wrong. You need a professional to help you with these parts. You’ll want to boost engagement by providing attendees with virtual polls, Q&A sessions, breakout sessions, and various other live interactive opportunities that engage and interest your audience. This way they’ll stick around.

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 Simple is Best

A simple and entertaining theme, virtual engagements, and straight-up live streaming on Facebook can work if you plan it right. Sometimes, simple is better than some elaborate virtual conference that people can’t seem to figure out what to do, where to go, or how to interact with. When hosting a virtual conference, think about how you can simply present content to your audience, encourage their engagement, and keep their attention spans long enough to push on to the next big event. If you can hold their attention for more than a few minutes, you’ve really succeeded in the online world!


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