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School choice gives parents options for the primary and secondary schooling their children receive, stretching beyond the options of just the public-school system in their district where they live. This has brought about more options for post-secondary education, too, and as the options of educational institutions increase, so does the need to be competitive with other schools in order for individual schools to stand out amongst the ever-growing crowd. Effectively competing and making a name for themselves can attract a student body that aligns with the school's mission. At Beverly Boy Productions, we know that creating a strong first impression is crucial in raising your numbers and raising awareness for your school, so we ensure that every Washington, D.C. promotional video production we create is the best it can be. We give the same quality of care for a charter school promotional video as we do to a college admissions video, and anything else we handle. We will produce a film you are proud of, and one that will help you reach goals and highlight your institute at an affordable rate.

Washington, D.C. is a fantastic place to film

We have happily provided Washington, D.C. School Promotional Video Production services across all of the eastern United States for more than 15 years. From Charter School Promotional Video for Arlington school book fairs to University Enrollment Videos for a Baltimore university, and even a college TV commercial that will be seen across the eastern U.S., we are able to tackle all of your Washington, D.C. School Marketing Video needs and projects. We work with small public charter schools, large state universities, and even medium-sized tech schools! So, send us a message when you are ready to get rolling on your next film. We will tell you how the process works, set your mind at ease, and then create a video that will snag attention and help achieve goals for your educational institution.

Build Successful Community Relationships

Washington, D.C. school promotional video production is one of the fastest, most cost-effective forms of communicating with your faculty, stakeholders, and the community, at large. Films that market your school can be shown on various platforms, like the Internet and TV, and these can be accessed by thousands of people within minutes, saving you time and money to advertise your message, no matter if you have created digital marketing for charter schools just opening in the area, or if you have produced an enrollment film aimed at prospective families to get them enrolled in your school. School promotional videos can be tailored to your needs and goals, and can be used to build successful community relationships and foster a healthy dialogue to achieve your goals, quickly and affordably.

Varied Types of School Marketing Videos

There are a variety of types of video marketing for schools, and when you want to create a Washington, D.C. school promotional video production, you can choose from many, but most people use three main types- the enticer video, the recruitment video, and the relations video. With the enticer video, you will show off what makes your school stand apart from the rest on the market. Do you have a great music program? Maybe your science lab is state-of-the-art? Is your curriculum top-notch? Whatever you have that makes you authentic, you can show it off to entice students to your school. Another school marketing video production, the recruitment film, is similar, but is mostly used for university enrollment videos and charter or private school promotional videos. These videos allow potential students to gain an idea of what your school mission, vision, and trajectory is, and decide if they align with you to get them to enroll in your school. The other main type of school promo video you can create is for building strong community relations. These videos will help you accentuate your achievements, and marketing your school to the community to get individuals, organizations, and even charities to work with you on fundraising and building a strong, healthy community.

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    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    When you are ready to get your school more coverage and attention, contact Beverly Boy Productions to work as your Washington, D.C. school promotional video production company. When you call, we will pair you with one of our skilled producers to start the process by speaking about your project in detail, covering the needs and wants you have in mind, and including the goals you need to reach with your school marketing video. We will help you create a plan, understand the process, and then we will take it from there! We do it all, start to finish, and keep you in the loop the whole time, making your film genuine and perfect by getting you to give us input on any edits you want to see. Once the final edits are done and the film is finished, you will be able to share the footage however you like, on any platform as you need, to all audiences you want to reach.



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