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School choice is a term that basically means parents get a choice in where they send their children for primary and secondary schooling and ensures that they don’t have to rely on the public school system in their area. This also increases the options for post-secondary education, and the choices available for educational institutions has become vast. This has created a need for schools to be competitive in order to set themselves apart to increase enrollment, attract students that believe in the school’s mission statement, and can help the school earn higher ratings. At Beverly Boy Productions, we know that first impressions are imperative in helping you choose a school, so we invest time and talent into producing the perfect Philadelphia promotional video production, whether it’ss for a secondary school promotional film, an admissions video, or anything else for the school. Our films are both affordable and attention-grabbing, ensuring you get your message out to your audience at a cost you are happy about.

Philadelphia, A historic City To Produce Films

We are proud to say that we provide Philadelphia school promotional video production crews across eastern Pennsylvania, producing everything from charter school promotional videos for school gymnasiums in Lancaster, to a university enrollment video for York University. We can do it all, even creating a college TV commercial that will be shown across eastern Pennsylvania. We are here to help you with your Pennsylvania school marketing video needs, whether you are a small public charter school or a large state university. Send us a message about your ideas, then we can work to make this process seamless and simple for you, alleviating any stress you may have. It is our goal to not only ease your concerns, but to also produce a film that generates results for your educational institution.

Build Reliable Community Relationships

Philadelphia school promotional video production is a wonderful way to open the lines of communication between your institute and the community you serve. Videos are easy to share on multiple platforms, like the Internet and TV, and it makes it simple for you to reach both the local and international community you need to share your messages with, affordably and in a matter of minutes. Your video can be about gaining community support with digital marketing for charter schools that are trying to get established in an area, or your film can be for an established institution trying to get more prospective families to show up for enrollment. All school promotional videos can achieve your goals, when done right, and you can see results quickly. These films help convey important information, which opens important lines of communication that help you reach your goals and gain success for your school.

School Marketing Videos Have Various Types

There are various types of school marketing videos, but we often see these three types being used. The first kind of Philadelphia school promotional video production is one that attracts your audience by telling them about your school and what makes it so unique. This is where you will highlight all the things about your school that faculty, parents, and students love, like the curriculum, pep-rallies, sports programs, art classes, and more. You will show this to potential students and the community, as a way to gain support and higher enrollment. Speaking of enrollment, the second most used type of school marketing video production is used to recruit and enroll more students. This one helps you show off what your school has to offer to potential students, and is best used as university enrollment videos and charter or private school promotional videos and help snag more students that will best uphold your mission and vision. The last type of school promo video is used to increase community relations, foster conversations with local, businesses, get support from organizations, and even work on fundraising and donations with charities. You can even use this video to show off your school’s many awards so that you can convince community members to volunteer their time on projects.

Philadelphia School

Promotional Video Production


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    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    To get the ball rolling on your school promo film and highlight your amazing institute of education, call Beverly Boy Productions to serve as your Philadelphia school promotional video production crew. We will connect you with one of our skilled, qualified producers to discuss your production needs, iron out details, and flesh out your vision so that we know what kind of school marketing video you need. Our team will handle everything for your project, from setup to editing, and we will always ask your input so that the final product is exactly what you need and want. Once we have filmed, edited, re-edited with your input in mind, and completed the last rendering, we will present you with a quality film that you can share with anyone you choose, on any platform you desire.



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