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If you want your project to be filmed in Santa Ana/California, then you need to work with a Santa Ana production fixer. But what is the work of a fixer? How do you know if you need a fixer? To learn more about them, we are going to look at their impact in the film industry. 

When filming in an international country, you need fixer services to help your production teams to film with ease. If your project is being filmed in a prime location in Santa Ana, you will need to have a Santa Ana fixer to ensure that you have complete production services. Fixers are meant to ensure that the production process is well executed.  Without a Santa Ana production fixer, film crews tend to have issues with their projects.  You do not want to explain to your client that the reason they are not getting their footage is because of poor planning; worse, you might even end up lying about the cause of an incomplete project. When it comes to filming in Santa Ana, our team is also reliable in filming projects in the neighboring cities such as Tustin, Orange, and Tustin Foothills.

What is a Fixer?

So, what is a fixer? Fixers are the individuals who plan for everything that is needed by out-of-town crews to start off the process of filming in an international location. They are also known as production coordinators or local producers. Fixers are important because they have the local knowledge of the area, which helps to make adequate preparations for a successful project. They ensure that you get good accommodation, transport, and even location permits for filming. They are highly useful partners of international production teams. You cannot carry out productive Film and TV shoots in foreign countries without the participation of a video production fixer.

Generally, you will commonly find fixers actively working in TV or journalism. Their exposure and service in these fields helps them to work with international teams in projects that they can cause an impact. You should also know that most fixers might have organized interviews before. In this scenario, they can make contact and create a schedule for an interview.

There are other projects where fixers are also required. For instance, projects such as documentaries, customer testimonials, and employee testimonials in a foreign country require the influence of fixers for the production process to go on well.

Santa Ana Field Producer

A Santa Ana Field Producer, or Santa Ana production fixers are important in a video production process. Additionally, when it comes to international projects, logistical support is absolutely necessary.

As we said earlier, camera crews can find themselves in trouble if they do not involve a fixer somewhere along the production process. There are various scenarios that you can see the negative impact of the lack of a fixer in an international project. You do not want to be the person who tells a client that their project may not happen because of the challenges in getting legal permits. 

Having looked at their work, we can confidently state that a Santa Ana production team cannot work without Santa Ana production fixers. When an out-of-town crew starts filming in a foreign city without the required legal approval, film crews can lose their equipment. You do not want to fail on delivering a product the client is waiting for, because of lack of preparation and preventable red tape.

Hire a Fixer in Santa Ana

Do you want to Hire a Fixer in Santa Ana? Fixers are by far one of the most important players when it comes to filming content in another country. At Beverly Boy, we have Santa Ana production fixers who work with us to ensure that you get the best video content for your business.  

Don’t let the ideas we have discussed scare you about filming internationally – you have an opportunity of creating a unique product. What we want our clients and other interested parties to know, is the importance of local production services. We would like to shed more light on the whole production cycle. Basically, this information will help you to create informed budgets. Luckily, Santa Ana, California is a great place to hire a phenomenal Santa Ana Production Fixer. Santa Ana is a beautiful place which has warm, short, and arid summers, with log, cool, and partly cloudy winters. Throughout the year, the temperature variations range between 45°F and 84°F. Santa Ana has great locations to visit. You can visit the Discovery Cube Orange County. The Santiago Oaks Regional Park is a place to explore the outdoors.  

Since we have more than 18 years of experience, Beverly Boy Productions in Santa Ana is aware of the steps it takes to make sure that a project is successful. Whether you want to film across the country or across continents, if your project needs fixers, we will surely have them in your project. If you want to learn how our company can contribute to the growth of your business, feel free to give us a call today. We would like to discuss great opportunities with your team

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