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The marketing world is constantly changing, with companies developing new marketing strategies daily. Video marketing has become the in-thing because many companies have realized it brings in better returns than other marketing strategies. If you need a Providence promotional video production that can keep you ahead of your competitors, and allow you to capture your smartphone-wielding viewers and convert them to loyal customer, pick that phone and call us. We’ll walk with you step by step to develop a perfect promo video for your marketing needs. We offer the best promotional video services in Providence, and our digital promos can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as 10 minutes! It all depends on your budget. Whatever the length, we’ll ensure the video attracts the key demographic you’re targeting. We vary the length depending on what you desire and what you can afford.

Your Promo Video Team

Are you ready for a promotional video? Beverly Boy Productions provides a wide variety of crew depending on what your video production process needs. We also have the right equipment and accessories that enable us to produce popping Providence promotional videos that are unique to particular brands. Our team includes producers, Cinematographers, Videographers, Directors, Sound Operators, Camera Operators, among others. The teams we set up for a promotional video production filmed in Providence vary depending on the nature of the project at hand. To get to know more about our promotional video production cost,  rates for promotional videos or a videographer for a promo video call us now!

Providence’s a great place to shoot

If you’ve been searching for a perfect place for your Providence Promotional Video Production, your search ends today! Providence is your answer. The city has several prime spots such as the Roger Williams Park Zoo, which is among the oldest attractions in the US. This zoo is on a 40-acre piece of land, but in terms of concept and design, it is a perfection of a modern zoo. Here, you’ll meet animals such as red pandas, kangaroos, alligators, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, and snow leopards. There’s a botanical center at the park which acts as a display garden for the public. It also provides fantastic scenes for marketing video production. If you want to film off site interviews, you can head to Brown University campus. It is one of the Ivy League universities in Providence. Founded in 1764, this university has some of the oldest buildings in the state. Once in the college, you’ll be spoilt for choice because almost all parts of the college are ideal for Providence promotional video production. If you can make a choice, our video crew will help you.

Promotional video services in Providence

Before we begin your Providence promotional video production, we must know what you want. You can use the chat box below to let us know what your project needs. Also, don’t forget to fill out the form on our contact page. This will help us know more about what your project requires. Another option is to call us. We have a team of experts on call waiting to receive your call. Promotional video services in Providence can cover a wide variety of subjects and tones. That’s why we’ll have a serious discussion with you to know exactly what message suits your Brand or product. We’ll also want to know your target audience, so we can help you create a perfect promotional video. Once we know what you need and your budget, we’ll begin with the pre-production, then move forward. Let Beverly Boy Production be your trusted partner for all your marketing video production.  Even if you are new in this industry, we’ll hold your hands from the beginning to the end. We’ll even help you develop a script, and incorporate everything needed to turn your dream to reality.


Promotional Video Production


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    Camera Gear

    Filming in 1080P, 4k- 6K and 8K NTSC and PAL

    • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    • Blackmagic 4K
    • Sony FS7 4K XDCAM
    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
    Camera Crews

    Professional Camera Crews

    • Restaurant/Food Service
    • Law Firm/Legal
    • Television Production
    • Reality Show Production
    • Medical/Healthcare
    • TV Commercial Production
    • Promotional Video Production
    • Corporate Video Production
    • Testimonials/Interviews
    Projects We Produce
    • Industrial Videos
    • Video Marketing
    • Live Stream/Webcasting
    • Conference/Trade Show
    • Animation/Explainer Videos
    • School/University/Education
    • Business Video Production

    Our Video Production Work

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    We have helped many start-ups here in Providence. This is because we understand that the purpose of marketing is to attract paying customers. We’ll make sure that your Providence promotional video production runs smoothly so the final product can help you achieve your marketing goals. We’ll work around the clock to make your video attention-grabbing and appealing to your target audience. If you’re ready to start this promotional video production journey, contact us now!



      Drop us a line, we'll get back to you ASAP!