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Political video marketing is a must-have tool for you to be able to reach your constituents during election time. These days, campaign videos are making a huge impact on success at voting booths. At Beverly Boy Productions, we are aware that you want to stand out, especially in the political arena. Whether you’re running in a local or state election, we are committed in helping you make a great first impression on your registered voters. As you take care of getting on the ballot, we’ll take care of making sure you become a household name. Whether you want to film for a live stream speech or a full campaign ad video production, we’d be proud to provide you with quality video production, as a top Des Moines political video production company.

Political video production for Social Media

We understand just how important it is to use political video production for social media, for promoting on Facebook, or Twitter, or personalizing content on your website. This means that you can trust in our talent and know-how to take your vision and create a video that helps you stand out from your opponents. As a dependable Des Moines political video production company, we handle all kinds of video demands. Do you want to work on a campaign ad commercial? Maybe a live stream debate? Need footage of caucus meeting or shots from an upcoming primary election? Filming a celebration of winning the popular vote? We can handle any type of video that you send our way. At Beverly Boy Productions, we will work with you every step of the way, from choosing locations to the equipment that we use, to the final product. Whether you need a campaign TV spot, or a live stream set up, trust our producers to take great care of you.

Creating a TV Campaign Ad in Des Moines

There are many reasons why you should be thinking of Creating a TV Campaign Ad in Des Moines, Iowa, but a very great benefit is that you can get much more personal with your viewers. The public wants to get to know the person they vote for, in terms of views, mission, and platform. Another benefit that shouldn’t be ignored is that you can use video for specific reasons. For example, if you want your specific region to get moving and do early voting or mail-in ballots, a commercial could be a way to inspire movement for your cause. On the flip side, if you’re hoping to reach the younger voter category, it’s important to realize that shorter campaign ads for Twitter or Facebook might be more effective. Finally, political video marketing helps you spread your message to your constituents while helping them recognize your continuity in what you say. Your public is looking for a way to trust you and consistency helps to build that confidence. A Des Moines political video production company can help you move your campaign forward through quality video content, making it a worthwhile investment for you.

Des Moines Political Video Marketing

Do you want to trust a local Des Moines political video production company? We are the team for you. We know the city well, so we can help you choose the best locations for whatever purpose you may have. As you start filming for your political video marketing campaign, you may realize that you want to capture footage at recognizable spots. For example, the Iowa Supreme Court is quite an impressive building and all of Des Moines knows about it, so why not use it for your backdrop for a specific promotional clip when trying to share your vision with your demographic. Or, you could consider filming at the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park if you want to have a more light-hearted video to captivate your younger viewers. Wherever you choose to film your campaign ad commercial, make sure to choose a place that your audience can connect with, in terms of the city and your mission.

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    When hoping to move forward in your campaign, the first thing to do is to contact our Des Moines political video production company. Then, our accomplished team will meet with you to discuss production plans based on your needs, video types, and goals for your campaign. We’ll talk about how you want the end result to look and then we’ll start on your project. Once we have finished filming, we’ll edit the video according to your preferences. When we have the final revision and your stamp of approval, go ahead and share it on any platform of your choice.



      Drop us a line, we'll get back to you ASAP!