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Are you looking for a Lubbock production fixer ? If you need content to be filmed in Lubbock, then you need a fixer to help. Fixers in the film industry are very important and they do a lot for a production, even if you haven’t heard of them. So, what exactly does a fixer “fix?”
 Fixer services provide production teams with the information and resources they need to film in an international country. If your project requires you to travel to a location like Lubbock, complete production services include a Lubbock fixer. Simply put- fixers "fix", or handle, everything needed to make traveling and the production process run the way it should. Without a Lubbock production fixer, film crews can find themselves at a loss as to what to do in a city. This can result in a sloppy product, or one that doens;t get finished. When a client needs footage from a new city or country, you cannot afford to not have a fixer assist you. Team Beverly Boy can help in Lubbock and in the nearby cities of Fort Worth, Arlington, and El Paso.

What is a Fixer?

So what is a fixer? Fixers, also known as local producers and production coordinators, arrange everything for crews to start filming in an international location. Fixers have local knowledge of the area you are in to make your production a reality. From arranging transportation to getting location permits, to booking hotels and finding dining, they’re an important part of international production teams. Film and TV shoots in foreign countries are basically impossible without a video production fixer.

 Fixers generally know how to handle everything related to TV or journalism. Their experience allows them to work with international teams in bringing projects of every kind to life. Keep in mind that most fixers can arrange interviews with local citizens and they will contact and schedule interviews with these citizens for you.

 Not all projects will require an interview, of course, but documentaries, customer testimonials, and employee testimonials in a foreign country or city make fixers critical in the production process.

Lubbock Field Producer

A Lubbock Field Producer, or Lubbock production fixers are critical in making sure that our video production is done efficiently in Lubbock. Additionally, logistical support is necessary with international projects.

 As we mentioned before, camera crews can get themselves in complicated situations if they don’t work with a fixer. Many of our clients have given us amazing ideas for their projects, but most of those required effort and legal permits. Without a fixer to help with this, these ideas would be basically impossible to do. 

 We can say, with confidence, that Lubbock production fixers are the most important members of a Lubbock production team. Without legal permits, film crews can lose equipment, their work, and more, resulting in a failed or poorly done project. All of that can be prevented with proper preparation and cutting through the red tape beforehand. 

Hire a Fixer in Lubbock

Do you need to Hire a Fixer in Lubbock? Fixers are important for filming content in another country. At Beverly Boy, we work closely with Lubbock production fixers to ensure that your project has the top content that you want and deserve.

 Don’t let filming internationally scare you or make you worry. The location you choose can make your video phenomenal, but we want our clients to fully understand why working with local production services is important. We want to ensure that you know the production process, inside and out, and that you are aware of what to budget for. Luckily, Lubbock, Texas is a great place to hire a top Lubbock Production Fixer. With its hot and humid weather, Lubbock offers great locations like the Buddy Holly Center and the American Windmill Museum. 

 With almost two decades of experience, Beverly Boy Productions in Lubbock have skills and experience. Whether you are filming a state over or around the world, you need fixers. When you work with us, you get them! To see all the ways we can help your business, contact us! We are ready to speak with you!


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    With more than 10 years in the industry, Beverly Boy Productions in Lubbock knows what to do for a great experience. Here or across the globe, when you need a fixer, turn to Beverly Boy Productions to help you with your business. Drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.



      Drop us a line, we'll get back to you ASAP!