Wilmington Law Firm Video Production

If you want to promote your law firm through effective Wilmington law firm video productions, Beverly Boy Productions is uniquely qualified to help you with the production process. If you practice Family Law, Criminal law, or have a personal injury practice, you can increase the likelihood of potential clients calling your line when you use short videos such as Attorney promos to establish a genuine image of your firm. Since many other attorneys are creating websites, you can stand out from the crowd by using videos. You can choose to create an explainer video, a law firm tv commercial, or a lawyer web video. Whatever you choose to start with, well-made videos will assist your firm to create a level of comfort with your prospects, while establishing trust even before they pick your phone to contact you. Video marketing for lawyers is one way to drive conversions like phone calls and filling out your online form; this will increase your ROI, greatly. 

Video Marketing for Lawyers

The most important part of your Wilmington law firm video production is the pre-production phase. Once you call our office, one of our executive producers will talk to you, eagerly listening to your needs. We will get from you all the project requirements, including specifications that you would like us to include in the videos. For instance, if you have a script that you would like us to use, or if you prefer to use actors instead of voice overs, these details will be handy in the production of your legal marketing video. After collecting all the details about your project, we are going to involve you in the planning of how we are going to undertake the filming of your law firm promotional video. 

Our film crew will take another look at every detail of the plan, to ensure that we have considered every need that you requested. Then, our film crew will meet you at the filming location and begin setting up the lighting, green screen, backdrops, and other features that are key in your production. Depending on your type of project, a film shoot can take days to complete. All in all, we will deliver an exceptional Wilmington law firm video production for your firm.   

Wilmington Offer Prime Sites For Filming  

In case you are searching for the most iconic sites for your Wilmington Law Firm Video Production, Wilmington is ideal for you. The city has several historical sites like the Fort Delaware  which was built in 1859. The fort served as a prison during the civil war, where close to 33, 000 confederate POWs were held. The City of Wilmington also offers ideal options that you can feature as a nice backdrop to any attorney marketing video. Try using the Dutch House which houses historical artifacts like a 1714 Bible, a vintage spoon rack, and other interesting items. The house was built at a time when the New Castle was a young port in the 17th century. You can also explore the Blue Ball Barn. This is an amazing barn that acts as the home of the Delaware Folk Art Collection. The barn was actually the 1st public building in Delaware. A Wilmington film crew can take advantage of the historical sites to shoot off-site interviews at these historical sites. Wilmington is known as the Corporate Capital of the USA. It is known for innovation and banking, with world class amenities. If you need a good location to film customer testimonials for your law firm, pick out an ideal place the fits your needs. 

Lawyer video production services 

Lawyer video production services usually features the post-production phase as the last phase after the crew completes filming your project. Back at our studio at Beverly Boys Productions, our camera crew will provide the editors with the footage of the project to begin the critical process of analyzing each piece of film that was recorded, to create a unique story for your company. The final video will be a powerful marketing tool that can attract prospects, engage your on-board clients, and grow your client base. Since your firm is unique, you have to ensure that the videos you create through a masterful law firm video production process can capture the short attention span that people have online. 

Before wrapping up the production, we will send up to 3 drafts that you will review to see if we have captured specific details such as branding and the services you offer, in a satisfactory manner. At Beverly Boys Productions, we will work throughout the entire Wilmington law firm video production to ensure that we stick to the original needs and craft a solution that will present your firm in an open and approachable manner. 


Law Firm Video Production


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    Our Video Production Work

    At Beverly Boy, we are great at what we do. Law firms that have worked with us in the past will tell you how professional and flawless we handle our Wilmington law firm video productions. Whatever your legal practice, you need to understand that people are always looking for valuable, authentic, and useful information as they search for the perfect law firm that will represent them. You do not have to be overwhelmed by the complexity of technology involved to create these videos. You can actually start off by simple promo videos to liven up your online presence and grow to other dynamic and interesting videos such as testimonial videos, firm tour videos, or even FAQ videos. Respective of the type of video you want to start with, Video Marketing for Lawyers will put your firm on the map.



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