Pembroke Pines Law Firm Video Production

It is important to understand the experience of a video productions company before you engage them to handle your project. At Beverly Boy Productions, we have a track record that spans more than a decade when it comes to Pembroke Pines law firm video productions. We have worked with firms that practice Family Law, Criminal law, or have a personal injury practice. The impact of using short videos like Attorney promos will separate you from other law firms. An active digital presence will attract potential clients to interact with your website and in turn, provoke the need to engage your company directly through phone calls. One of the most compelling strategies of convincing a website visitor to reach out to your firm is by using video. This could be a law firm tv commercial, or a lawyer web video. Before a client picks up the phone to call your firm, they have to check out your firm’s information. Video marketing for lawyers will help you create informative videos that will assist you to make it easy for potential clients to call your office. 

Video Marketing for Lawyers

Before the actual Pembroke Pines law firm video production process begins, the most important process is the pre-production stage, this is where all the ingredients of shooting your project are collected. Once you make a call to our company, one of our experienced producers will be tasked to handle your needs. You will supply them with all the details about what you want to create, and also what you want to achieve after creating your legal marketing video. Feel free to give us detailed instructions that will help us to make the production feel unique to your firm. For instance, if you have a script that you think we should follow, or if you require actors or just a voice-over narration for your video, do let us know. After the information gathering exercise, we will work with you to create a plan on how we are going to craft your law firm promotional video. 

Before the filming process begins, our film crew will go through the details we have collected to ensure that we are working to meet your exact needs. Our team will meet you at the desired filming location, and setup the area with lighting, green screens, backdrops, and other important features that would have been explained to you prior to the filming process. Now, the time it takes to complete your film shoot could take hours, or days, it all depends with your requirements. Our team is ready to help you create the perfect Pembroke Pines law firm video production. 

Pembroke Pines Offers Great Filming Locations

In case you are searching for interesting locations for your Pembroke Pines Law Firm Video Production, there are lots of locations to sample in Pembroke Pines. The city has quite a good number of historical sites like the Stranahan House which was built 1901 by Frank Stranahan. The upper floor was built to be a community hall, while the lower floor was a trading post. Another prime venue is the City of Pembroke Pines 911 Memorial steel sculptures which was erected in 2005 to commemorate the 9/11 Twin Tower attack. The City of Pembroke Pines also offers great sites that you can use as a backdrop to any attorney marketing video. One ideal location is the 320-acre Flamingo Gardens. But previously, the gardens were referred to as Flamingo Groves in 1927. A Pembroke Pines film crew can easily choose a historical site to film off site interviews. When talking about Pembroke Pines, this is a city that is known for its superior parks, lush gardens across public spaces and neighborhoods. If you need a fantastic place to film customer testimonials for your law firm, select from the number of ideal spots available in the city.  

Lawyer video production services

Lawyer video production services are wrapped up by the post- production phase. This is the stage that comes after the filming process. Our editors back at our Beverly Boys Productions studio will map out the perfect story from different bits of video clips that will be selected from every piece of film that was recorded. At the end of this creative process, we will come up with a concise, clear, impactful, and compelling video that will transcend what you hope for in your law firm video production. 

We will present to you up to 3 drafts that you will review to check if we have captured all the details we had discussed. In case of any additions or touch-ups you would like us to make, we are more than happy to add them because your complete satisfaction is what we look forward to in each project we undertake. At Beverly Boys Productions, we are masters of Pembroke Pines law firm video production. We will ensure that every process is flawless and the final video is astounding to your clients, and future clients. 

Pembroke Pines

Law Firm Video Production


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    Our Video Production Work

    Beverly Boy takes pride in crafting high-quality Pembroke Pines law firm video productions so that your firm can provide your visitors with a powerful and striking impression of your law firm. Whatever your legal practice, in the world of technology, the most effective way to convince your potential client to reach out to your firm is through Video Marketing for Lawyers. For instance, creating a tour video will help your target audience to have an inside look of your firm. Your intention can be to attract your visitors to key details of your firm such as your staff, your location, or your field of expertise. As viewers watch the tour video, you will be explaining your culture and what makes your firm the perfect choice. You can count on us to create a unique video that will attract prospective clients to your firm.



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