New Haven, Connecticut, Law Firm Video Production

If you are in the market for topnotch New Haven, Connecticut, law firm video productions, Beverly Boy Productions should be your first choice. In case you have a personal injury practice, practice Criminal law, or Family Law, your internet presence can shoot to new heights by just incorporating short Attorney promos that narrate more about your services. recommends that lawyers with videos such as lawyer web videos and a law firm TV commercial on their websites’ landing pages and profile pages are more likely to get more clicks. Every client finds it easier to choose a lawyer to represent them when they can get more information. Therefore, all kinds of law firms can grow their business by embracing video marketing for lawyers.

Video Marketing for Lawyers

Filming your New Haven, Connecticut, law firm video production is just one part of the process, but we also have the pre-production phase where creative minds converge to launch a magical journey. Whenever you call us, we will connect you with a professional producer who will ask relevant questions about the entire project and what you aim to attain from your legal marketing video. When we are discussing the production, remember to inform our team whether you have your script ready, or if you will rely on our voice-over services. When we have garnered all the information necessary to deliver a mind-blowing job, we will move on to the next chapter , which is planning on how to bring your law firm promotional video to life in a spectacular way.

As production nears, our film crew will rehash the whole plan to ensure that everything is as it should be and proceed to the meeting place. These plans include everything discussed with the producer, including lighting, green screens, and backdrops. The duration of the film shoot will depend on the kind of content you need, but when all has been said and done, you will get a New Haven, Connecticut, law firm video production that will impress you. We will go over every stage again, from the information gathering session to the pre-production, and you can rest assured that you will receive superior results.

New Haven, Connecticut, a Great City to Film

To get fantastic locations to actualize your New Haven, Connecticut Law Firm Video Production, New Haven, Connecticut, is just the place to be! The city prides itself on several famous historical sites ideal for your attorney marketing video, including the Knights of Columbus Museum and Fort Nathan Hale, a 1659 fort on a 20-acre city park, famous as a Civil and Revolutionary war Fort and named after Nathan Hale, Connecticut's own official war hero. The Imperial Granum-Joseph Parker Buildings, also known historically as the Del Monico Building, is situated in downtown New Haven, also an eye-popping offer site for your off site interviews. To satisfy all your film customer testimonials for your law firm, this city has all you need and more as a site for your law firm productions.

The Right Tools

After the team has shut down filming operations, the post-production stage will have its turn where our able editors at the Beverly Boys Productions studios will take over the project. By going over the entire project with a fine tooth comb, the editors will make sure that the final law firm video production will be your wildest dream come true and meets your requirements in every way.

Before declaring the project a success, we will offer you up to three drafts of the project for your confirmation. As Beverly Boys Productions, your all-time favorite service provider, we will make certain that your New Haven, Connecticut, law firm video production has what it takes to lure clients to your law practice and ensure that your competition will never play in the same league as you.

New Haven

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    • Canon Cinema EOS C300
    • Sony FS7 4K XDCAM
    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    Our Video Production Work

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    At Beverly Boy Productions, we have been the best service providers of New Haven, Connecticut, law firm video productions in the last decade, and counting. Whatever legal practice you manage, today’s fiercely competitive world calls for a deep understanding of clients. With over 75% of lawyers possessing websites and using the internet to grow their businesses, it shows the essential nature that marketing plays in the market place. Nevertheless, to make it, your law firm needs an edge that will put it a step further from the competition, and an ideal way to accomplish this is embracing Video Marketing for Lawyers.



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