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If your project needs to be filmed in Greensboro/North Carolina, then you will need a fixer. Do you know the role of a Greensboro production fixer? Ever heard of fixers in the world of film? Do you have a clue about what they fix? Well, we are going to help you understand what they do. 

Fixer services help production teams with the knowledge and resources required to film in an international country. If your filming location is in the amazing city of Greensboro, complete production services will have a Greensboro fixer. They are the individuals who plan for everything that will make a film crew to have a successful production process. If you operate without a Greensboro production fixer, film crews will be flying blind when they get to Greensboro.  Chances are that they will not complete the task as planned. When you commit to a project, you have to deliver. It is not a good thing to make excuses to your client when they expect international footage for their project. This is why it is important to have a fixer. If you want to film in Greensboro or the surrounding cities like High Point, Archdale, and Kernersville, team Beverly Boy has got your back. 

What is a Fixer?

So, what is a fixer? Fixers are production coordinators or local producers who possess the local knowledge of the city where production is meant to take place. Out-of-town crews depend on fixers so that they can start filming in an international location. For film crews to concentrate on their core objective, fixers take care of logistical issues such as accommodation booking, transport, and the acquisition of filming location permits. They are an integral part of international production teams. It is impossible for Film and TV shoots to run smoothly, without the help of a video production fixer.

Generally, you will find fixers in TV or journalism fields. They prefer to be active in these fields because they can easily engage with international teams to create successful projects. What you also need to know is that most of the fixers might have planned interviews with citizens of their respective countries. So, if you want to plan for an interview, you already have a head start with fixers. They will make contact with the interviewees, and schedule when to have the interview.

For other projects such as documentaries, customer testimonials, and employee testimonials, you need fixers to ensure that your production process kicks off in a foreign country.  

Greensboro Field Producer

A Greensboro Field Producer, or Greensboro production fixers are useful if you want to have a convenient video production process in Greensboro. For complete international projects, you have to plan for logistical support.

Camera crews can find themselves in compromising circumstances when they operate in a foreign land without a fixer. There are lots of great ideas we have heard from clients; it is never a good idea to tell them that their ideas are not feasible because getting legal permits in that country or state is challenging. 

Out of experience, Greensboro production fixers are the most important players in a Greensboro production team. Without them, you won’t get legal approval, and your film crews can lose their equipment. Always make proper preparations before engaging your team in the filming process. 

Hire a Fixer in Greensboro

Do you want to Hire a Fixer in Greensboro? Fixers are helpful when it comes to filming content in another country. Greensboro production fixers work closely with our team members at Beverly Boy Productions to produce top-quality content.

Don’t get scared of filming internationally – you can end up with a one-of-a-kind video that can put your company on the map. What we are trying to achieve today, is to educate our clients on the importance of local production services. We would like to show you what goes on during the production process. Basically, we are presenting to you what needs to be placed on your budget. Luckily, Greensboro, North Carolina is a great place to hire a phenomenal Greensboro Production Fixer. The weather in the city is made up of warm and muggy summers, with very cold and wet winters. You will find temperature variations ranging from 31°F to 87°F in the city. Greensboro has amazing places to visit. You can explore the Greensboro Beautiful, a garden with artistic sculptures throughout the landscape. Greensboro Science Center is also a fun place to explore an aquarium, zoo, and museum, in one place.

Beverly Boy Productions in Greensboro has over 18 years of experience in film production. If you have a project that you would like to film across countries, we guarantee that fixers will be involved in the production processes. So, if you want partner with us to create videos for your business, give us a call. We are happy to help!


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