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When you have a film that you want to make into a reality, film crews necessary to make that happen. You may already know what a “film producer” is, but there are many other management roles needed on a film. From executive producers, to line producers, field producers, and others, there are a myriad of movie producers that work within the industry. No matter what kind of producer you need, production manager jobs should be handled by people who are both creative and skilled, and who are adept at everything needed for a solid production. Don’t waste time looking up “Movie Producers Near Me” when you can give us a call! Whether you need to hire a film crew for a day, or if you want to know how to find a film producer, Beverly Boy can assist. We have Atlanta Film Producers for Hire ready to get started on your project in downtown and in Druid Hills, Gresham Park, and North Decatur. Now, let’s look further into two important producer roles in the film industry: Line Producers and Unit Production Managers.

Atlanta Film Line Producer

Line producers are just one type of producer you will find in this industry. This role takes over human resources and addresses any problems that may come up during production. An Atlanta Film Line Producer is a key manager of operations during the building and planning stages. They are most often used in the television film, advertisement film, and feature film industries. During the pre-production process, line producers will work alongside directors, production managers, and other team members to come up with a strong budget, create a shooting schedule, and schedule any other production dates. They also provide any suggestions that benefit the production to the director. Also during the production process, the line producer will take on the role of hiring new crew members, as well as monitoring the budget and schedule to make sure it is all on track and on time. They can approve and deny extra expenses, and they take over once shooting has finished. A Line Producer is similar to the Unit Production Manager, but they are not exactly the same and each has its own unique roles.

Atlanta Unit Production Manager

An Atlanta Unit Production Manager is someone who oversees administrative duties on a Film or television production. UPM services will usually help with the survey of locations, coordinating schedules, and lining out budgets. They also make sure that all daily production reports get finished on time and they handle things like housing, food, and transportation for the cast, crew, and other staff. The UPM acts as the go-between for local authorities and film operation to keep communication seamless. All production managers help to maintain a safe and successful production, but line producers and unit production managers work directly on and with the production process. They have to come up with creative solutions to problems, on the fly, and they need to know how to negotiate and be diplomatic. They also need to understand how to budget, stick to the budget, and then revise the budget, should the need arise. When you hire a competent and skilled production coordinator you are in great hands!

Atlanta Freelance Video Producer

Get things going right away and leave the hard work to your producer! No matter if you are filming a 30-second clip or filming a television show, your producer should have all the knowledge and skill that is needed for your particular production. At Beverly Boy Productions in Atlanta, our Atlanta Freelance Video Producers are ready to work hard for you, putting our almost two decades of experience and skill to use on your project. Our producers will work with you and other crew members to ensure that you are happy with your finished production. Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to find a Atlanta Film Producer for Hire. With its hot and very often humid, weather Atlanta has great locations to visit, like the Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park!


Film Producer for Hire


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    When you are coming up with your upcoming project proposal, don’t forget to budget for producers- they are essential to your plans! Get started today when you call Team Beverly Boy to see what we can do for you! We are happy to help you find Atlanta Film Producers for Hire!



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