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If you are looking for a trusted Cincinnati production fixer for a project that needs to be   filmed in Cincinnati/Ohio, then you need a fixer. If you are not aware of the work of fixers, you don’t have to worry, we are going to discuss more about them in the sections that follow. As a hint: they are important players in the film industry. 

Fixer services work with production teams to provide them with the necessary knowledge and resources to work on a film in an international country. If you want to have a project in Cincinnati, you will work with a Cincinnati fixer who will help you to have complete production services. When planning to shoot a project in another country, you have to pre-plan the logistics of the film crew, so that the production process runs smoothly. If you operate without a Cincinnati production fixer, film crews will not execute their work well, and they will end up with an unfinished product. It’s not a good picture when your client asks you for their footage, and instead, you show up with an excuse. To avoid such scenarios, work with a Cincinnati fixer.  If you also want to film in the neighboring cities such as Norwood, Finneytown, and Reading, talk to team Beverly Boy today. 

What is a Fixer?

So, what is a fixer? Fixers, also known as local producers or production coordinators, help out-of-town crews to start filming in an international location. Fixers possess the local knowledge that contributes to the success of a production.  They help in arranging transport, location permits, hotels, and so much more. International production teams cannot work without fixers. Film and TV shoots in foreign countries cannot run effectively without the help from a video production fixer.

Fixers actively work in TV or journalism fields. Since they know about their roles, they often look for international teams who seek their services for various projects. Fixers are also skilled and experienced in planning interviews. They can contact the interviewees with ease, and also schedule the interviews.

There are other types of projects which fixers work on. If you want to produce documentaries, customer testimonials, or employee testimonials in a foreign country, fixers will make the production process easy to execute.

Cincinnati Field Producer

A Cincinnati Field Producer, or Cincinnati production fixers are important in guaranteeing efficient video production in Cincinnati. Additionally, the logistical support provided for the international projects makes all the difference.

If Camera crews lack fixers, they will end up in complex situations when they start filming in a foreign country. Clients tend to be very visionary; the ideas they want to bring to life are often phenomenal. You don’t want to be the person who uses the difficulty of getting legal permits as an excuse of being unable to deliver on the ideas.

We are confident that Cincinnati production fixers are the most important players in a Cincinnati production team. If you go ahead with filming without legal approval, film crews will be on the losing end because their equipment and other gadgets can be confiscated. These are all avoidable circumstances if you plan well using fixers.

Hire a Fixer in Cincinnati

If you plan to Hire a Fixer in Cincinnati, you are taking an important step in ensuring that filming content in another country is successful. At Beverly Boy, work with Cincinnati production fixers to deliver high-quality videos for your business.

When it comes to filming internationally, don’t be afraid, take the step with the right production company and do it; it can open new opportunities for you. As a company, we would like our clients and film lovers to know the importance of local production services. When you understand what goes on in the production stage, you will know how to approach the budgeting stage. Luckily, Cincinnati, Ohio is a great place to hire a phenomenal Cincinnati Production Fixer. The weather in Cincinnati features warm and humid summers, with very cold winters. Across the year, the typical temperature ranges between 24°F to 86°F. Cincinnati offers great locations to visit. You can check out the Cincinnati Museum Center which has three museums. The museums include the Cincinnati History Museum, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, and the museum of Natural History and Science. You can also visit the Music Hall, a stunning building that can host 1,300 people for various events.  

Since Beverly Boy Productions in Cincinnati has been in the business of video production for 18+ years, we have the capacity to film your video in any state around the world. If you want to learn more about how our company can benefit your business, call us today and let us talk. We are waiting to hear from you.


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