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The art and science of the interview At Beverly Boy Productions, we have been filming interviews for corporate, non profit, Reality TV, and web communication for over 15 years. We like to think that we have a keen understanding of the art and science of creating visually compelling Video Testimonials, customer Interviews, and Talking head shots . Every client is different, the message changes, but the method of delivery is always the same. Let us film your next talking head shots, we would love to share our experience with you!

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When filming an effective interview, it is important that all parties involved understand the end goal of the interview. What is this all about? Who are we talking to? Why should they care? these are all questions that should be strategically answered in any effective talking head shot. Our crew understands this, so we work hard to make sure that all questions are answered.End Result: when the editor begins to log the footage, they have a variety of quality sound bites and enough top notch coverage and quality content to complete the project successfully.
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