Savannah Testimonial Video Production

Savannah Testimonial Video Production

If you need a professional Savannah testimonial video production company we have you covered. Some of the best advice you can get is when it comes to customer interviews or taking headshots is to make no fuss. Keep your subject calm during this process you want to avoid a panic attack. Focus them instead on creating an effective customer interview. Achieve this by keeping the interviewee relaxed. Be sure that the interviewee can connect with the audience. Ensure that they are authentic when creating a heartfelt testimonial the audience should feel that the person on camera is speaking to them. When shooting the customer interview they should tell a story. Give us a call and we can discuss your next Savannah testimonial video production!

Location To Film Client Testimonials

If you are selecting the location for your client testimonials filmed in Savannah, Georgia you should remember you don’t want to fight your spaces environment. Don’t allow your space to overwhelm the subject. Your viewer’s attention should not be pulled from the subject. If your viewers seem distracted you can create a depth of field and it will pull focus back to the subject.

Audio: in any location you should be able to control your audio. While it may seem cool to film client testimonials but the gusty winds or raving waters can cause havoc on your audio during filming. Outdoor interviews can cause problems. You can conduct an indoor interview instead especially if it’s an in-depth interview of several questions.

Customer Testimonial Production in Savannah

Are you looking for the perfect spot for your Customer Testimonial Production in Savannah, we have the best locations right here in the city. Southwest Georgia is the perfect place to film your customer video productions in Savannah. While it is sweltering all summer in the winter months the temperature becomes very pleasant. Savannah offers great locations such as Forsyth park, and the Savannah Historic District which was declared historic in 1966 and is great for its authentic appearance perfect for filming some productions.

Savannah Client Testimonial Production

If you are starting any corporate interviews you may want to look into a high-level corporate production company that has experience in your type of production. A video production company for this type of filming will help you avoid the rookie mistakes. After all you will only get a limited bit of time with the on-camera talents. In this type of production there may not be any time to correct unnecessary mistakes. However Beverly Boy has experts that are familiar with client testimonial production and can create several testimonials of your clients singing your praises. We use our own great video crews and can make your production a success!


Testimonial Video Production


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    Camera Gear

    Filming in 1080P, 4k- 6K and 8K NTSC and PAL

    • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    • Blackmagic 4K
    • Sony FS7 4K XDCAM
    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    Our Video Production Work

    When it comes to conducting an interview or taking head shots it seems relatively simple but much harder than expected. When it comes to film and video it’s easier said than done. Even though it’s simple it can give your crew several issues during the editing process. But Team Beverly Boy can assist you and simplify your whole process altogether! Give us a call today!



      Drop us a line, we'll get back to you ASAP!