Virtual Event Video Production an Alternative to Event Cancellations

Virtual Event Video Production an Alternative to Event Cancellations 

Virtual Event Video Production an Alternative to Event Cancellations provides a creative way to keep your event plans in place, without compromising your safety during this season. Venues and event hosts worldwide have faced cancellations amid the Coronavirus outbreak which has threatened lives and our ability to socialize throughout every corner of the world.

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In light of the situation, businesses large and small that previously had major events planned are seeking alternatives that will allow them to move forward with the planned event, without jeopardizing lives. Virtual event video production services represent one alternative to cancelling your major events. Instead of cancelling, you can host virtual events with the support of a virtual event video production crew that captures all of the excitement to share with the world.

How Virtual Event Video Production Works 

Virtual event video production works quite similarly to traditional event video production. In fact, it’s a little bit easier for us as a production company because we are not faced with the mission of placing cameras and crew in ways that don’t interrupt attendee involvement with the event. Before production begins, we’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate setting of our cameras and crew to ensure we capture all of the important details of the event.

camera crew setting up interview 

Behind the scenes, our virtual event video production crews work diligently to make sure that the we’re capturing the presentations, experiences, and excitement of your event in a way that will be most engaging and attractive to your audience. Virtual event video production crews use a wide range of technologies to achieve engaging, sophisticated live event capture to deliver a virtual experience your audience won’t soon forget. 

Filming a Testimonial on a FS7

Virtual Event Video Production Benefits 

Despite the fact that a virtual event may not include the big crowds your accustomed to or some of the traditional elements of an event that is hosted in-person, virtual events have several benefits. Virtual event video production crews can: 

-Produce video graphics that engage the viewer and support event speakers. The days of PowerPoint slides are ALL GONE! 

-Utilize B-roll footage to produce an added layer of engagement within the audience. 

-Capture dual camera video sources to be produced on a single screen for an impactful virtual experience.

camera crew

COVID-19 might have us all spending more time at home and less time at the major events that were originally planned but that doesn’t mean that companies can’t push forward and host virtual events with the world. So, before you consider cancelling that big event, think about hiring a virtual event video production crew like Beverly Boy Productions to help you out!

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