Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Toledo

The oil & gas field services industry is largely driven by economic indicators including crude oil and natural gas prices. The increase in rates is leading to rising exploration of gas field operators and the development of oil and gas deposits. And when crude oil prices drop, even the demand for oil & gas field services drops. However, lack of substitute services in the industry gives way to a steady boom despite fluctuations in crude oil pricing, but this doesn’t mean that players in the industry do not see the value of investing in professional marketing.  Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Toledo can draw in continued interest in a business operating in this competitive field.

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Demand for oil drilling and gas extraction activities is somewhat dependent on how the mining industry is fairing on. This $85 billion-dollar market which primarily provides support services and drilling operations for oil and natural gas extraction employs an estimated 271,630 workers that operate as oil or gas extractors, metallic ore miners, coal miners, and as nonmetallic ore miners across the oil & gas field services industry.

At Beverly Boy Productions, it is our objective to provide high value services in Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Toledo   to promote the extraction of oil, natural gas and both metallic and nonmetallic ores. Our filmmaking services revolves around working with you to understand your needs in order to produce videos like training videos that the oil & gas field services industry operators can use to train employees on best practices of the industry. If you are also looking for a video team to film your videos in nearby cities like Oregon, Perrysburg, Maumee, and Sylvania, contact us today.

Promotional Videos for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry

Promotional videos for the oil & gas field services industry can provide unique insights into the stages and operations involved in oil & natural gas mining operations which take crude oil and natural gases from early exploration to production. Promotional videos are highly useful for businesses in this industry because they can present a company’s culture, and the underlying advantages of working with a particular operator over another.


Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Toledo can capture the interest of an audience that desire to work in a company with a particular culture and track record. With a promotional video, it is possible to attract some of the best talents out there to come and work with you. Consider publishing promotional videos on social media, television media, and the rest of the online world. Use it to drive conversations around your industry to increase conversions.

Using this type of video content is an effective way of showcasing the various job roles in the oil & gas field industry. This would be a great way for prospective oil & gas field operators to go through the list of positions they aim to occupy when it comes to working with your oil & gas field operation company.

Some of these positions include:

⦁ Drilling Engineer- Responsible for the design and implementation of the oil and gas wells, while also ensuring safety measures are implemented.
⦁ Geological Engineer- Explore the earth for deposits of oil and gas. Designs mines for the safe and efficient removal of minerals, such as coals and metals, for manufacturing and utilities.
⦁ Geologist- Researches and studies rock layers, variations in rock formations and densities to identify new mineral deposits.
⦁ Petroleum Engineer- Designs and develops cost effective methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface.
⦁ Petroleum Geologist- Studies and examines variations in rock formations and mineral samples to identify sites that should be explored for new gas and oil deposits.
⦁ Reservoir Engineer- Responsible for identifying oil and gas reserves and developing strategies to maximize recovery.

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Marketing Videos for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry

Marketing videos for the oil & gas field services industry can be used to promote products or services, increase audience engagement and ultimately help the company in reaching new sales or conversion goals. As more than 82% of the internet is video based, marketing Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Toledo is a vital service that can provider:

         Improved visibility across social media platforms.
         Improved brand exposure and audience engagement.
         Stronger audience recognition.
         Increased sales accomplishments.
         Higher ROI and ROAS.
         Increased Google search rankings.

Businesses operating in the oil & gas field services industry tend to have limited competition compared to most industries, but it is still important for a business in this industry to capture value in a way that audiences can engage with and benefit from. And that is why video marketing campaigns are important in this particular market sector.

Training Videos for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry

There is a large workforce in this industry that works in extremely tough working conditions, and in roles that could not only impact their own safety, but the safety of others in the cities and towns surrounding the drilling and mining locations. Training in this attention-to-detail industry needs to be effective and immersive to ensure that the concepts are well understood from every angle.

Training videos provide the oil & gas field services industry operators with comprehensive knowledge but in an easy to digest format so that they can acquire the best skills to operate safely in the field. These workers need to know how to safely operate a drilling rig as well understand the risks that come from hydraulic fracturing and the operation of various types of rigs including the jack-up rig or the semi-submersible rigs that are common across the industry. This is why you need to have a highly effective, efficient, and targeted training program.

Training videos can have many core benefits in this industry including:

         Improved employee knowledge.
         Stronger knowledge retention by workers.
         Reduced risk of safety infractions among workers.
         Improved interaction with training among workers.
         Ease to access training material by workers.

Video training is a preferred method for training by workers because video training is flexible, fast, and it makes complex subjects easy to digest. Oil & gas field services operations approve of video training because it’s affordable, efficient, and effective. 

Interview Videos for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry

When you are in the business of oil drilling, fracking, and mining operations, it is important that you use video to help earn the trust and confidence of the audience. Interview videos, especially expert interview videos are the best at achieving these goals. Videos can also be great additions to your “About Us” page on your website, or for case studies that represent businesses in the oil & gas field services industry. To design the best videos for your business in 43537, 43605, 43609, 43613, or 43601, we are one call away.

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Beverly Boy Productions is the leading provider of professional services in Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Toledo. We provide an extensive range of services that you can use to position your business as an authority in the field. Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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