Video Production for the Kayak Rental Industry

Kayak rental businesses are part of a growing industry that includes about 2,520 total businesses and $57 million in annual revenue, not bad! They provide for rent recreational kayaks, small motor-less boats such as canoes, and related equipment including rafts, life vests, oars or similar complementary items. Niche specific kayak rental brands may specialize in providing kayaks for rent along whitewater rivers, lakes, intercoastal waterways or near the ocean. Video Production for the Kayak Rental Industry includes a variety of techniques & services focused on helping kayak rental businesses to grow their authority, build connections within their target market and increase revenue through the promotion of their rental services & sales.


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Water activity rentals, including kayak rentals, can be promoted through a variety of different potential means & opportunities online, on television, and wherever your target audience is spending the most of their time engaging with video content (typically online). Videos, particularly marketing & promo videos that share the story, mission, services & ideas behind your kayak rental business can help to set your brand apart from the sea of competition that is otherwise in its wake.

Beverly Boy Productions offers many effective video marketing services & strategies to assist you with the growth of your kayak rental business. Find out how video marketing & advertising can drive new leads for your kayak rental business, boost audience awareness of the services you provide, and help you take your kayak rental brand to new heights.

Promotional Videos for the Kayak Rental Industry

Promotional Video Production for the Kayak Rental Industry is essential to sharing the key details surrounding sales, upcoming events, or key highlights about your business with consumers. Consider promoting more than just the services & rental equipment you provide within your kayak rental company to also include covering different locations visitors can paddle to, where they can eat or engage in entertainment along their kayak trip, where the best swimming holes or fishing spots are and even what the best times for kayaking might be for beginners as well as for those who are more intermediate in the sport.

Think of promotional videos as your direct connection between your audience and your business. They’re a way to promote a variety of concepts & key ideas include, but not limited to, sales & events that are important to your brand.

Marketing Videos for the Kayak Rental Industry

You probably already know how important marketing is to your kayak rental business, but are you aware of the impact that video marketing can have?

Marketing Video Production for the Kayak Rental Industry can:

• Get your business in front of a larger organic audience of viewers that are interested in the canoe, kayak, or other waterfront equipment rental that you offer.
• Increase revenue & ROI for your business through the generation of up to 49% more revenue annually.
• Increase leads for your kayak rental business by up to 66% or more each year.
• Increase conversions through social media. 64% of consumers state they make a purchase after seeing branded social media videos.

As much as 82% of all internet traffic comes from video streaming or downloading as consumers spend upwards of 100 minutes engaging in digital video each day. If you want to be part of the one third of all online activity that involves users engaging with video content, then your kayak rental brand needs marketing videos that share your story, mission, ideas, and key services as well as a variety of other concepts or topics that are relevant to engaging in paddleboat activities & other fun sports on the water.

Training Videos for the Kayak Rental Industry

Training Video Production for the Kayak Rental Industry includes a variety of concepts, but the driving force behind the production of training videos is to provide your team of employees with expert content that they can learn from in order to be better at their jobs, to save time while increasing their knowledge & productivity, and to save your business money.

Training videos can help you and your kayak business achieve all of these goals by providing:

• Path-based learning programs that your team can engage with on their own time & at their own pace.
• Consistency across the training program so that no matter when or where your employees train, the knowledge they receive & the information that is delivered is the same.
• Flexibility & accessibility so that training is readily available and accessible anytime, anywhere.
• Resource savings across the business. Training videos will save time, reduce your training costs, and improve your training results.


Employees love video training because it makes the training more engaging & effective while making concepts easier to understand. Employers, appreciate the resource savings that come along with video based training programs.

Interview Videos for the Kayak Rental Industry

When competition in the area is fierce for your kayak rental business, the best way to build up the number of leads that you can generate and the number of kayak rentals you achieve, building trust is essential. Interview videos are a great way to show your audience that you are the expert in kayak rentals, boating, and outdoor watersports in your area.

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Consider interview Video Production for the Kayak Rental Industry if you’re looking for an opportunity to build up your credibility or authority or to gain the trust of your target market in order to generate more kayak rental sales.

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