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Tattoo artists are part of an incredibly popular industry that perform tattoos. According to recent studies, the market for Americans to get at least one tattoo is somewhere around 46%. In other words, nearly half of all adult Americans have at least one tattoo and many more have several. To say that the $1 billion dollar tattoo industry is growing would be an understatement and for most artists, video plays a very powerful role in the growth of revenue. In fact, Video Production for Tattoo Artists is one of several essential marketing tactics that can have quite profound benefits.


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Beverly Boy Productions offers several types of expert video production that is targeted to assisting tattoo artists with the expansion of their business. Many tattoo artists say that video is the no. 1 method of promotion for their studios or shops, a comment that is in line with expert study figures which suggest that over half of all marketing professionals claim video as the best type of marketing content for delivering ROI.

Promotional Videos for Tattoo Artists

Promotional Video Production for Tattoo Artists can include a variety of techniques and topics that are centered around delivering conversions. Artists utilize promo videos across social media, their landing pages, and elsewhere online and on television in order to generate brand-specific growth for their business.

The key focus of promotional video content is to encourage the audience to take action. Whether it’s calling the artist to book an appointment, visiting the tattoo shop to get a piece worked on, or engaging a variety of other services that the artist may offer such as piercings or permanent makeup, promotional videos can help you achieve your goals!

Marketing Videos for Tattoo Artists

Artists build clientele, boost client engagement, and draw audiences into the studio with video. In fact, viral video marketing for tattoo artists is one of the most effective methods of generating new client leads & sales. Much like promotional videos, tattoo artists can use marketing videos to encourage their audience to take action, but marketing Video Production for Tattoo Artists extends into several other points of importance such as:

  • Generating consumer awareness of services.
  • Increasing audience hype around upcoming events or sales.
  • Increasing targeted leads by up to 66% annually.
  • Improving revenue & conversions on landing pages by 80% or more.
  • Educating the target market.

Statistically, marketers that include video in their campaigns are able to grow revenue up to 49% faster than those who are not yet utilize video to their advantage. Tattoo artists can achieve the same revenue growth, or more!

Training Videos for Tattoo Artists

Whether you’re training new tattoo artists to enter your shop, employees that will provide critical customer services, or clients that can benefit from learning exactly how to take care of a tattoo after they leave, video can help! Training Video Production for Tattoo Artists provides essential skills training and education for your audience and is perfect for providing training on all those day-to-day tasks that you often repeat over-and-over again.

Expert training videos will:

  • Save your tattoo shop time & money.
  • Increase client success in the care of their tattoos.
  • Boost client understanding of tattoo care & what to look for after a tattoo is received.
  • Reduce the amount of time you must spend training new employees to navigate the shop or engage in shop related practices.
  • Ensure training is consistent and readily available, anytime, any day.

Training videos are especially important for artists that are growing their tattoo shop as they can be used to visually display important educational concepts that guarantee the safety and security of both your team & your clientele.

Interview Videos for Tattoo Artists

While you might initially think of interview videos as the terms and requirements initiated by an employer that is looking for resumes & interviews from prospective employees that are applying for a position, but there are many other styles of interview videos that can be used by tattoo artists to engage prospective clients & generate leads and sales.

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Expert interview Video Production for Tattoo Artists may include the creation of:

  • Niche-specific expert interviews that build authority.
  • Branded interview videos that increase audience confidence & trust.
  • Case studies that introduce prospective clients to past client scenarios and the successes that an artists has achieved.
  • Customer testimonial videos that share past client satisfaction with the artist.

In addition to the interview opportunities listed, expert interview Video Production for Tattoo Artists can also include one-on-one interviews between the artist and an interviewer that share various details. These are often topical, and therefore might include personal information about the artist, past experience or expertise, or niche-specific insights that will further boost the emotional connection between the audience and the artist and will increase artist credibility. Ask Team Beverly Boy about the many ways that you can use expert interview videos to build trust, increase client confidence, and further contribute to your revenue growth & sales.

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