Video Production for Specialist Doctors

Specialist doctors are part of a diverse group of healthcare professionals which provide diagnosis, treatment, and specialty medicine or surgical services in a particular niche of patients such as emergency medicine technicians, obstetrics & gynecology, surgical care, and anesthesiology. The specialist doctor industry is a massive $286 billion dollar industry which includes nearly 300K businesses that employ 1.821M workers who provide a range of services & treatments as well as support care. Video Production for Specialist Doctors generally focuses on building audience awareness, driving consumer interest and commitment to the specialist practice, and boosting total overall revenue generated through sales.

The specialist doctor industry has experienced mostly consistent revenue growth in recent years besides reductions of revenue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which occurred during 2021 and could continue if a recession were to strike. However, advancements in technology, as well as improvements in per-capita income paired with an increased demand to sustainable healthcare and specialty practices is likely to contribute to more growth than to a continued reduction in revenue like what occurred in 2021.

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Beverly Boy Productions creates expert video content that can be utilized by specialist doctors and healthcare providers to increase audience recognition of local healthcare specialist practices and services to drive increased audience leads and consumer trust.

Promotional Videos for Specialist Doctors

Promotional Video Production for Specialist Doctors should be at the heart of any patient acquisition funnel and the growth of your specialty healthcare practice. Healthcare providers utilizing patient acquisition funnels to grow audience awareness, educate prospective patients, and encourage them to take action so that they’ll make an appointment or ultimately come back as a returning patent to their specialty practice. Short, engaging promotional videos are the heart of the patient acquisition marketing funnel and can dramatically increase performance, leads, and patient referrals that are generated online.


Marketing Videos for Specialist Doctors


Marketing your services, including any emergency medicine, pathology, anesthesiology, or surgical exams provided by your specialist practice is essential to growing your business online and within your community. Marketing videos are created by specialist doctors for a number of reasons including:

• To increase audience awareness & recognition of specialty healthcare services.
• To provide insights into key conditions, treatments, or healthcare opportunities available to patients.
• To introduce ancillary benefits or to convert a prospective lead into a true patient admission or service appointment.
• Create social media following, increase social reach, and boost community engagement for your brand.
• To enable patient acquisition, draw upon lead nurturing tactics and generate up to 66% more qualified leads per year compared to non-video marketing initiatives or campaigns.

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Videos can further help the marketing and promotional tactics of your specialty healthcare website by increasing audience engagement, providing an eye-catching introduction to your business, and drawing upon existing media tactics to increase revenue generated by your practice through your campaigns.

Training Videos for Specialist Doctors

Evidence based training modules produced with your team in mind are essential to creating a teamwork system that is powered by collaboration, communication, and a commitment to excellence in training outcomes for your team. Beverly Boy Productions is committed to expert training Video Production for Specialist Doctors and can help you:

• Reduce training times without reducing training experience.
• Improve training outcomes through stronger knowledge retention & increased training experiences.
• Save money and valuable in-office resources by providing training that is flexible, and easy to access.
• Improve worker productivity through increased access to video-based training that is always available, anytime and anywhere that your team can connect online.

Offering up simpler, easy to follow video training that provides essential skills training and knowledge delivery for your team is essential as a specialty healthcare expert, we can help!

Interview Videos for Specialist Doctors

As a specialist healthcare provider, providing your expertise and experience is essential to producing more patient leads from the prospects that you market to. It’s all about building trust and commitment among you, your staff, and your patients and their loved ones. Any kind of video content has the potential to humanize your healthcare brand and to draw consumer connections that are more valuable for your business, but there’s one style of content that can go the extra mile in building audience trust & commitment: Interview videos.


Expert interview videos for specialist doctors can increase conversion rates substantially over non-video marketing tactics. In fact, expert interview Video Production for Specialist Doctors has the capacity to:

• Establish a sense of trust through the level of competence that is shared between the specialist and the consumer audience.
• Prove experience & expertise by sharing interview based explanations of complex topics or subjects including diseases, conditions, and expert treatment options provided by the firm.
• Illustrate complex concepts, and bring to life important detail-specific explanations that are essential to increasing revenue growth.
• Resonate with your target audience to develop commitment, trust, and strong relationships between your business & your brand.

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Ask Team Beverly Boy about expert interview videos to build trust among your audience, and about the many other styles and formats of professional Video Production for Specialist Doctors when you’re ready to grow your brand.

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