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As a remediation & environmental cleanup service, your competition may be limited, but that’s not to say that there is an abundance of work or that you don’t face unique challenges in finding leads & securing essential work orders or sales that will convert into necessary revenue to keep the business running efficiently. While profit margins across the industry have slightly decreased as a result of higher overall industry-related costs, revenue continues to rise across the $23 billion dollar industry where tasks involve the cleanup and remediation of contaminated buildings, hazardous waste removal, and the cleaning of toxic or otherwise dangerous elements from land, water, or properties. Video Production for Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services focuses on delivering a unique & engaging experience between B2B operations or the end consumer regarding the services offered by environmental cleaning agencies.

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Beverly Boy Productions offers a wide range of expert video creation services that are uniquely tailored to the underlying needs of remediation & environmental cleanup companies. Our promotional videos and marketing video production services are essential to building a digital presence for your business and to drive revenue from contract sales that are integral to maintaining clean, chemical-free communities.

Promotional Videos for Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services 

Demand generation in the B2B marketing sector is essential for remediation businesses that offer environmental cleanup services. Promotional Video Production for Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services can include the creation of a wide range of videos that are generated to pique audience interest, boost their knowledge & understanding of key services, and ultimately, provide increased conversions across the brand that will lead to heightened revenue growth.


Promotional videos might present topics on asbestos cleanup for homeowners or residential buildings & commercial properties, they could focus on lead paint cleanup, or they could be more commercially targeted to things like cleaning up oil spills and remediating construction sites ahead of a build. Much of this depends on the organization itself and the underlying needs of the community at large.

Marketing Videos for Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services 

Before your business ever even considered a contracted sale, the need for marketing is important. Marketing videos for remediation & environmental services can focus on virtually every stage or aspect of the consumer decision making process from the early stages of creating consumer audience awareness surrounding your services to the later stages in either keeping customers satisfied or in bringing them back for repeat services & continued organizational contracting.

Expert product marketing videos have several key advantages for your remediation business including:

  • Awareness generation and audience growth.
  • Lead generation & lead nurturing.
  • Consumer education & audience insight.
  • Relationship building & ongoing lead nurturing.
  • Conversions across landing pages, social media, websites, and offline.

Environmental services businesses deliver key services to communities on many different levels often receiving federal funding to provide environmental care and cleanup. The use of video to pique the interest of investors, individuals, businesses & communities at large is an integral part of building an audience & generating contracts for your business.

Training Videos for Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services 

Training across any business requires essential one-on-one learning between management or key leaders and the new employee or staff member. Unfortunately, few businesses have time to commit to training their employees. In fact, a study of businesses by and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that businesses with fewer than 100 employees spent less than 12 minutes of management training with employees every six months. For larger organizations with more than 100 employees and less than 500 employees that training was 6 minutes. If this sounds like a challenge you face with your organization, training videos can help.

Training Video Production for Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services can provide several key advantages including:

  • Increased employee knowledge retention & understanding.
  • Delivery of complex topics in easy to understand & follow scenarios.
  • Increased employee retention & reduced overall turnover rate.
  • Improved management training & employee training consistency.

Video based training makes training easy to access, engaging & path-based for employees that learn & engage in a variety of ways.

Interview Videos for Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services 

Proving that your remediation & environmental cleanup services are effective will represent a key area of importance with your marketing initiatives. When your audience trusts in you to provide these services in a manner that is commensurate with your ability to delivery exceptional outcomes, you’ll increase the overall number of contracts that you can close for such services and environmental care.

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Interview Video Production for Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services can help you to achieve this level of trust with your target audience by sharing key insights & knowledge in regards to your business, experience & expertise. Ask Team Beverly Boy about the many ways that you can utilize interview videos for your remediation business to grow audience commitment, increase their trust, and build a strong & substantially more effective lead nurturing system for your brand.

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