Video Production for Podiatrists

Podiatrists are part of a specialty group of healthcare providers that work primarily on the diagnosis of diseases, deformities, or conditions of the feet and toes. Podiatrists are part of a $6 billion dollar industry of healthcare providers which includes more than 10K businesses employing an estimated 38K doctors, foot specialists, and pediatric podiatry professionals in clinics, centers, and specialty offices. Practitioners seek to grow their independent or group podiatry clinics and practices through a variety of marketing & advertising techniques including the use of expert video content. Video Production for Podiatrists focuses on the creation of educational & promotional style content as well as on video-based training programs and expert interviews that boost consumer confidence in the provider.

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As much as written content and long-form posts for podiatrist have long been found to be a significant driver of organic growth and rankings in Google, podiatrists that have savvy marketing managers know that video provides a more in-depth, consumer-centric media approach that will help your practice to grow. In fact, video produces an excellent ROI and has the potential to drive leads up to 66% more qualified leads on an annual basis when compared to non-video based marketing or media campaigns.

Beverly Boy Productions provides a wide range of video production services for podiatrists and podiatry practices or clinics including marketing videos, video promotions, and video-based training. Together, these media approaches will help you to develop your brand, boost audience awareness, and increase patient advocacy for your podiatry clinic.

Promotional Videos for Podiatrists

Promotional Video Production for Podiatrists will help to position your clinic on social media, search engines, and on television, too. With promotional videos achieving increased leads and driving revenue for your podiatry practice is a matter of simply creating expert content that resonates with your target audience.


Promotional videos have the power to:

• Improve your reach on social media & within major search engines like Google and Bing.
• Help patients find your practice & the services you provide.
• Boost digital lead generation & revenue for your podiatry clinic. 3 out of 4 patients look online for healthcare providers.

Physicians that are looking to grow their podiatry practice to surpass competitor clinics that provide foot care for patients struggling with diabetes, or other chronic health conditions or ailments can certainly benefit from the inclusion of promotional video content in their marketing campaigns.

Marketing Videos for Podiatrists

Podiatrists use marketing videos to grow their audience reach, connect with and attract new patients, and achieve a variety of important practice growth & productivity goals. Marketing Video Production for Podiatrists can help you expand your practice, improve your patient acquisition routine, and boost revenue & ROI for your clinic.

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Consider the following additional benefits of marketing videos for podiatrists:

• Increased revenue over competitive podiatrists that don’t utilize video marketing.
• Up to 1200% higher overall social media shares & reach.
• Improved audience message retention & brand recognition.
• Stronger overall retention of existing patient base.

Whether you’re trying to build your practice, establish a new clinic, or expand and grow beyond your current patient base, marketing videos are key to successful audience growth campaigns.

Training Videos for Podiatrists

Video based training programs for podiatrists and podiatry practices are essential to growing beyond a simple, single provider clinic to include support staff and additional treatment providers which can offer excellence in patient care. Video based training for healthcare workers is essential for many reasons and can provide quality education on:

• Appropriate infection prevention & infection control practices.
• Customer service skills.
• Environmental cleaning and hygiene.
• PPE safety and proper use of PPE gear.
• Recognizing podiatry conditions, underlying ailments, or problems.

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Podiatrists that choose video training programs for their own personnel and practice staff can benefit from:

• Increased productivity.
• Reduced training time.
• Stronger knowledge retention.
• Improved overall training outcomes.

Training Video Production for Podiatrists is important to ensuring frontline caregivers and patient health specialists are prepared, proficient, and proactive in providing expert healthcare while on the job.

Interview Videos Podiatrists

As a local podiatrist, caring for patients is an essential task that requires an inherent trust first and foremost. If your patients don’t trust you, they’re not going to be very likely to seek the services you provide, or to share their positive experiences with their friends or family members. Building relationships with patients that require the supportive treatment and healing of your practice will help you to keep your office full of happy patients that need your podiatry services and skills.

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Interview Video Production for Podiatrists is a great way for you to provide your audience with the essential knowledge, expertise, and experience insights that they need to feel trusting of your care. Showing that you’re not only committed to the patient, but that you are equally committed to sharing your expertise through niche-targeted interview videos will help you to build a foundation of podiatry-seeking patients that can benefit from the healthcare services, diagnosis, and treatment practices that you provide.
Ask Beverly Boy Productions about expert interview videos, video-based training programs, and the marketing & promotional Video Production for Podiatrists that our team offers to help you achieve your podiatry practice goals.

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