Video Production for Performers & Creative Artists

Performance artists and creators are often engaged in the production of cultural or creative works in which necessary technical expertise defines the ability to create in a way that is entertaining for the target audience. The performers & creative artists industry is a $52 billion dollar market that does not include music artists, but instead includes independent actors, authors, celebrities, comedians, and a variety of other specialists such as TV producers & photographers as well as DJs and dancers. Video Production for Performers & Creative Artists is essential to the creation of a portfolio that can be shared online & offline with the prospective clients & customers that are likely to seek out creative works, performances or similar services.

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The entertainment industry is incredibly competitive in nature. Those who want to “make it” must engage a variety of tactics in order to build a reputation and engage a target market that is conducive to their success in the industry. This includes the production of a variety of styles & types of video content that can be utilized at each major stage of the customer journey. Beverly Boy Productions offers expert Video Production for Performers & Creative Artists that is targeted to helping these artists to build a following, boost audience hype, and promote themselves across the competitive performance artistry industry.

Promotional Videos for Performers & Creative Artists

One of the most valuable ways to incorporate video into your marketing campaigns is with the inclusion of promotion videos that will directly target your audience with conversion-focused content that is essential to your campaign. Not only will promotional Video Production for Performers & Creative Artists help you to engage your audience and showcase your key areas of expertise or interest, but promo videos can also:

  • Increase conversions on landing pages and in email campaigns.
  • Drive targeted traffic to a personal website or branded social media page.
  • Improve reach & increase organic leads by 66% per year over non-video initiatives.
  • Increase audience following.
  • Increase social shares by up to 1200% or more over written text or still images.

The use of promotional video content to directly engage your target audience and encourage them to take a desired behavioral action is key to boosting your revenue & increasing profits that are generated directly as a result of your campaigns.

Marketing Videos for Performers & Creative Artists

Creative artists often share their work across social media platforms and pages, but before there was social media, there was television and the internet, both which continue to provide a unique opportunity for creators to continue to share their works. Marketing Video Production for Performers & Creative Artists includes many different concepts from focusing on generating brand or independent awareness to building a targeted audience or boosting conversions & contracted sales.

Marketing videos can be quite powerful for performers & for creative artists. In fact, any artist that wants to be recognized for their work really needs to consider the use of marketing videos to engage members of the community, entertain their audience, and to generate profit-producing content that will allow them to continue to pursue their goals.

Training Videos for Performers & Creative Artists

The primary objective for performance artists or for those who are part of a creative niche is to generate audience awareness around their creative skills & abilities and to drive up their contracted “gigs” or leads. While many performers & creative artists act individually, when the need for expert training of new support such as employees or additional team members comes into play, there is limited time available to provide the necessary training that will help these essential support providers to understand & fulfill their roles.


Training videos offer a solution to performers & creative artists that regularly need to hire & train additional help by providing a one-and-done method of offering key training without interrupting the busy schedule of the artist. Expert training videos will:

  • Reduce total training time for the new employee.
  • Improve employee training & consistency.
  • Increase engagement & accessibility to training.
  • Save the artist, manager, or individual responsible for providing training time.

With training videos, you can present necessary skills training to key employees without the need to interrupt your schedule in any way.

Interview Videos for Performers & Creative Artists

Expert interviews draw upon another key element of professional video content that consumers absolutely love – personalization. By sharing personalized interviews with your target audience, you provide the consumer with insight into your niche-specific talent, expert abilities, and the experiences that make you most suitable for the types of creative projects that your target market might be looking to create.


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Expert interview Video Production for Performers & Creative Artists can increase your audience engagement and boost reach for your brand while encouraging consumer conversions. Ask Team Beverly Boy about the steps that you can take to introduce powerful video content to your audience and increase revenue for your brand.

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