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Despite increases in per-capita income and a rise in the use of the home office due to many corporate offices being closed for health purposes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic office supply stores have actually struggled consistently for several years losing revenue at a rate of between 1 and about 5% annually. The industry currently represents an $11 billion dollar market in which more than 8,800 businesses sell office supplies, stationary, school supplies, and office equipment, furniture, and accessories. Although the industry is shrinking, Video Production for Office Supply Stores can have significant benefits for the stores that are still actively engaging in everyday operations.

For big box style office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot, and for the smaller businesses that operate in this industry, expert video production techniques including the creation of short, engaging promo videos and powerful video-based training programs can have many benefits. Particularly, building a community of consumers that trust in the brand and will keep coming back is very important and can be achieved with video. Despite e-commerce brands taking many of the customers out of the market, savvy office supply store owners will turn to video to grow their audience, improve their digital presence, and increase their sales both online and offline, too.

Beverly Boy Productions specializes in expert Video Production for Office Supply Stores and can help you achieve your digital marketing and advertising goals. If you’re worried about the competition discount stores, warehouse clubs, or ecommerce brands that seem to be pulling your customers away, we can help you build a strong brand voice and share your mission to grow your business online!

Promotional Videos for Office Supply Stores


Office supply stores can benefit from producing a wide range of promo videos that share their products, services, and corporate branding so that customers will recognize the business & feel compelled to visit the store. Short, powerful promo videos can have many advantages to office supply stores including:

• Increased social media reach.
• Increased organic reach on Google or other search engines.
• Increased visitor time on site which can increase lead generations and sales.
• Increased landing page conversions by up to 80% compared to landing pages that exclude video.

Just remember, less is more when you produce a promotional video, so get in, share your story, and get out! Let the audience do the rest.

Marketing Videos for Office Supply Stores

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As of 2022, about 82% of all internet traffic is video-related. Consumers are spending an average of 100 minutes engaging in digital video online each day and this figure appears to be growing rather steadily unlike the office supply store industry which seems to be losing speed. Marketing Video Production for Office Supply Stores can help you to promote your products and services, build a strong reputation and voice for your store, and increase consumer leads & sales which will drive necessary revenue gains for your business.

Video marketing is already being implemented by many businesses including office supply stores and retailers, and a recent study found that about 56% of those that are not already utilizing video plan to get started in 2022. Why? Because video marketing will:

• Increase brand awareness and store recognition.
• Maximize sales revenue.
• Increase website traffic, organic leads, and rankings.
• Generate more conversions, leads, and sales.
• Encourage increased audience engagement.
• Educate customers to improve the likelihood of a sale.

For office supply stores, video marketing is essential to building up audience knowledge surrounding your products and services, and influencing purchase decisions. In fact, many consumers will not even make a purchase until they have seen a video representing the product and many admit that video is the driving force behind their decision to purchase.

Training Videos for Office Supply Stores

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Office supply stores face the hiring and training struggles that many other retailers complain about, too. There’s a high turnover rate, low amount of time to train new hires, and a lack of consistency in training which can reduce employee morale. Experts agree that training videos are essential to building strong groups of employees that are committed to excellence and prepared to serve your business.

In fact, 88% of businesses already use video in their training, and 73% plan to create more customized training programs for their teams in the coming years. Training Video Production for Office Supply Stores can improve training outcomes, reduce many of the struggles with time and turnover that you deal with, and vastly increase the likelihood that an employee sticks with your store long-term.

Interview Videos for Office Supply Stores

Many office supplies, especially computer equipment and electronics, are difficult to fully understand and have so many features that it can be challenging to compare them without expert content. As an office supply store owner, producing expert interview videos for your office supply store that show off your niche-experience and product-centered expertise can have a huge impact on your sales conversions. This is especially important since many consumers will not purchase without seeing video first!

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Interview video content for office supply stores can break down barriers to achieving stronger sales for your store while building up a product-conscious audience that is committed to your brand. Ask Team Beverly Boy about these and various other styles of expert Video Production for Office Supply Stores that can help you achieve your sales & revenue goals!

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