Video Production for Nursery & Garden Stores

Trends in healthy living, gardening and organic produce have largely contributed to the rise in revenue for nursery & garden stores across the country. Continued growth for nurseries and gardening stores is likely dependent on several factors including the diversification of product offerings, an introduction to online & ecommerce sales, as well as various macroeconomic scenarios such as rising per capita disposable income & a general rise in the amount of private spending on home improvements. Video Production for Nursery & Garden Stores can further contribute to revenue growth within this $42 billion dollar industry by providing unique digital marketing opportunities that deliver content in a way that a large target audience is most likely to appreciate.

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With the average American consumer spending 100 minutes or more watching video online each day or a total of about 16 hours of week engaging in digital video, brands that incorporate video into their marketing & advertising campaigns are poised to achieve significantly greater revenue growth than those that are not incorporating this technology into their campaigns. Communicating with customers & prospective customers through video is actually the preferred method of content delivery for many consumers including, but not limited to, executives of which 59% agree that when both text & video content on a particular topic are offered the preferred method of learning is via video.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we realize how important it is to promote your business in a way that will draw in prospects, generate trust, and boost sales. Our expert video production services will help you to communicate with your customers through the use of marketing & promotional videos, video interviews, and various other forms of video content that are essential to the development & growth of your store.

Promotional Videos for Nursery & Garden Stores

As planting season comes around, promoting your nursery or garden store is an essential aspect of your marketing process that very much should include video. Promotional Video Production for Nursery & Garden Stores allows you to share various plants & gardening merchandise that you might offer for sale at your store as well as to introduce prospective customers to an industry that they may have less knowledge of.


Promotional videos are especially important for nursery & garden stores because they:

  • Can help boost online presence.
  • Will increase audience reach on social media & within the search engines.
  • Allow customers to visualize products inside your store.
  • Increase customer excitement about your products.
  • Boost sales & revenue.

Nursery & garden stores that use video in their marketing campaigns can achieve up to 49% faster revenue growth compared to non-video marketing campaigns.

Marketing Videos for Nursery & Garden Stores

Marketing Video Production for Nursery & Garden Stores is an integral aspect of achieving your target sales, revenue, and internal advertising goals. With heightened competition from big-box stores & home-improvement retailers, nursery & garden stores must pull out all the stops in order to achieve maximum growth of their customer base, repeat customers, and sales if they want to strengthen their positioning & marginally compete with these larger competitors.

A trend toward those under age 35 having interest in, and participating in, the planting of vegetable gardens, flower gardens, succulent gardens and in indoor plants, a rising need to create marketing that speaks to this audience is equally important. Gen Z & millennials as well as members of virtually every age group are turning to digital video to:

  • Learn about new brands & businesses.
  • Learn about new products & services.
  • Engage with businesses & brands.
  • Learn about hobbies & activities.
  • Find out more about a particular subject or topic.

It has been proven over & over again that short, engaging video content is the most frequently chosen form of media across the internet & offline, too. Marketing videos can:

  • Increase engagement for your plant store or nursery.
  • Boost audience interaction & sales for your store.
  • Increase conversions on your corporate website, landing pages, or in email campaigns.
  • Drive industry growth commensurate with that of your competition.

Marketing your nursery or garden store with video is a powerful way to improve your reach, increase your sales, and multiply your revenue all while providing your target audience with the kind of content they are most interested in and most likely to engage with.

Training Videos for Nursery & Garden Stores

As retailers, nursery & garden stores face unique challenges in keeping employees that are ready, willing, and qualified to engage in the roles & responsibilities of the job. While the reasons for high employee turnover in nursery & garden stores are not fully understood, studies suggest that a few of the more critical issues within the industry include employee legal status, immigration reform, and language proficiency (or the lack thereof). Studies further suggest that 60% of nursery employees do not receive work-related training despite interest in such training on the job.

Not only is there a proven correlation between fluency & employee turnover, proving that employees that are trained are both more valuable & less likely than those who are not to stick around, but the same can be said for providing employee training in English particularly for locations where many workers may speak Spanish as a first language.

Training Video Production for Nursery & Garden Stores are essential in these, and in many other, cases where management time to provide important employee training is limited, the need for secondary fluency training is essential, and where employees may have quite varied skill levels to learn how to perform within their positions on the job.

Expert training videos will:

  • Improve overall training outcomes by providing employees with easy to understand, visual training that is effective for learners with all skill levels.
  • Increase employee retention rates by providing work-related training to interested employees without jeopardizing employee interest or engagement.
  • Reduce training times and improve training outcomes for employees.
  • Increase employee knowledge retention & reduce total turnover.

Further, training videos are going to save management time & money by providing employees with training that is easy to access, readily available, and which can be used repeatedly.

Interview Videos for Nursery & Garden Stores

Building a sense of trust among your audience is an important aspect of growing your retail store no matter what kinds of products you offer for sale. As a plant store or nursery, your audience wants to know that the products you offer are in good condition, they’re healthy & they’re living and thriving. One of the ways that you can build a reputation of trust with your audience is by sharing your experience & expertise with them through interview videos.

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Interview Video Production for Nursery & Garden Stores allows you to showcase credibility building information about you, your team, the experts behind your store, or other members of the gardening niche. This builds trust & a sense of confidence among your target audience. Ask Team Beverly Boy about the use of interview videos, and the many other opportunities to introduce video into your marketing & advertising, in order to grow your nursery, increase new customer leads to your gardening store, and generate more revenue from sales.

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