Video Production for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores

Sports apparel is a huge industry that capitalizes on the love for a variety of sports including soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis and many others. While increased online competition has contributed to some struggles for licensed sports apparel stores, those that make decisions to engaging their audiences with video & to face competition head-on can achieve increased product sales & revenue. Video Production for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores includes a focus on not just driving apparel sales, but also on creating an engaging experience for the market that will contribute to community growth.

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For the $7 billion dollar sports apparel store industry, steps that are taken from a marketing perspective to drive up audience engagement, increase sporting event attendance and ultimately create demand for sports apparel and customized sporting goods sales are essential. For retailers large and small, Beverly Boy Productions provides several different types of expert video content that can contribute to store growth in the form of increased customers, increased sales, and increased revenue, too.

Promotional Videos for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores

Promotional Video Production for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores is primarily centered around conversions. Most of the time, promo videos are created in order to increase sales, but they may also be used for:

  • Promoting sporting events to increase attendance.
  • Promoting retail visits and increasing prospective customer base.
  • Sharing an upcoming product launch or sale.
  • Promoting specific league or sports team products and accessories.


The sale of branded sporting goods represents one of the primary points of revenue generation for sporting goods & licensed sports apparel stores, but there are many other ways that these stores generate profits such as through the sale of accessories or through the sale of various types of sports equipment. Promotional videos can be used to target consumers and share messaging about all of the products & services a retailer might offer.

Marketing Videos for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores

Want to increase your sales & generate revenue up to 49% faster than you already are? Marketing Video Production for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores can help you achieve that, and many other, important goal. Not only does video get shared 1200% more than text across social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but consumers spend an average of 100 minutes every day engaging in digital video content.

As a sports apparel store, one of the best opportunities to grow your audience online, increase your revenue, and generate more in-store or online sports apparel sales is through the creation of video content that represents your business. In fact, marketing videos can have the following additional benefits for your business:

  • Increased audience reach across the internet and offline.
  • Improved audience connections & relationships that will generate repeat customers & sales.
  • Increased organic website traffic & leads.
  • Increased social media engagement & subsequent sales.
  • Increased email click through rate.

From the top of the funnel all the way down, every stage of the customer journey can be complemented with a marketing video that will draw consumer interest, entice them to interact with your brand, and drive revenue and sales that are essential to business growth.

Training Videos for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores

Training videos are important to most retailers including specialty shops like licensed sports apparel stores. In fact, an estimated 81% of businesses have committed to including video training in their upcoming training tactics and many more are already utilizing some type of video in their day-to-day employee training and onboarding programs. It’s no coincidence that businesses are utilizing video in their training. Training videos can:

  • Increase employee confidence.
  • Boost employee engagement and training success.
  • Improve consistency of training across departments or store locations.
  • Reduce total training time without reducing training value.
  • Help to cut down on long-term training costs.

As a licensed sports apparel store that provides training on a regular basis, the use of video to perform routine training for your employees can save substantial time & money while improving the overall quality of the training you provide to your team as you grow your brand.

Interview Videos for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores

As you look for more opportunities for brand growth, the use of interview videos can provide another key solution that entices the target market to engage. Not only are interview videos integral to the growth of audience trust & confidence in your store, they can be used to create a stronger sense of authority for your business, too.

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Interview Video Production for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores is important for the creation of case studies that showcase past store successes and client engagement, but they can also be used for:

  • The production of customer testimonials.
  • The sharing of niche-specific insights that prove credibility for the brand.
  • Sharing focused details about your leaders or the people behind your brand.

Whether you’re still trying to build up audience excitement for the sports apparel you offer inside your store, or you’re looking for more ways to push your audience down the marketing funnel closer to a sale, expert Video Production for Licensed Sports Apparel Stores can help you to achieve your goals!

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