Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Washington, D.C.

Interested in Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Washington, D.C.? The hotels & motels industry, as well as the hospitality industry are is well known for their seasonal volatility. Smart hotel brands offer a wide range of services and accommodations to maximize revenue gains in this volatile market. In an industry worth more than $133 billion dollars and employing over 1.3 million people, many hotels and motels are already using video marketing to promote their services & accommodations. Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Washington, D.C. can significantly promote growth for these businesses and provide better training programs.

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Five years ago, it was projected that video would occupy about 74% of total internet traffic worldwide, and that figure continues to grow, surpassing 82% recently. Consumers watch a lot of videos daily, with the average consumer watching about 100 minutes of video on social networks each day. As a result, hotels and motels should not overlook the significance of videos.

Our experts at Beverly Boy Productions produce videos for travel and hospitality industry brands and the hotels & motels industry. Our video production for the hotels & motels industry involves designing promotional videos to post on social media platforms and the production of marketing media.

Promotional Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Washington, D.C. can help to draw the audience’s attention and promote brand awareness. Competent business owners use short promotional videos to drive consumer trust and improve conversions. A classic promo video is between 30 and 60-seconds long, but some promotional videos for hotels & motels run longer depending on the distribution plans.


Benefits of promotional video production for the hotels & motels:

         • Boost audience trust
         • Promote brand awareness
         • Strengthen client relationships
         • Design videos your audience will remember
         • Influence outside partnerships

All these benefits are brought about by promotional videos for your hotel or motel.

Marketing Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

The production of professional marketing videos for hotels or motels positively impacts guest interactions, brand trust, and audience engagement. Marketing videos help hotels & motels drive visibility while increasing bookings. 

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Marketing videos impact the hotels & motels industry in the following ways:

         • Boost Conversions
         • Build audience trust
         • Improve understanding of services offered
         • Improve audience interactions
         • Higher SERPs ranking
         • Create audience exposure
         • Increase visibility online

Marketing Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Washington, D.C. can help you draw the attention of your target audience and educate them on the offers your hotel or resort has and events taking place in the neighborhood.

Marketing video production for hotels and motels is the best way to increase trust in your hotel or motel. This helps to convince audiences looking to have a good time to visit your hotel. Marketing videos of your hospitality establishment showcase the positive features of your hospitality brand. They also help you advertise the great amenities and activities and even events that may take place during the hotel guests’ stay. 

Quality marketing video production for hotels and motels and splendid customer service result in positive word-of-mouth marketing from your guests. This raises revenue gains and the consumer’s purchasing rates. Working with a professional video production company with experience in the marketing industry can give you insights on how to market your hospitality business. 

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Training Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Training videos for the hotel industry are vital for many reasons, including reducing the cost of training for hospitality brands and modernizing the training processes. Most people love training videos because of their flexibility, consistency, ease of accessibility, and are fun to watch. Training videos for the hotels and motels industry help you to familiarize yourself with all topics and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Training video production for hotels & motels increases employee participation in your training program and improves educational outcomes. Videos also let the prospective hospitality workers know about all the possible jobs they can take on, including: 

          • Concierge ( Host/ Front Desk/ Guest Relations/ and Reservations Agent)
          • Event Planner (Wedding Coordinator/ Meeting Planner/ Convention Planner)
          • Executive Chef ( Catering Manager/ Food and Beverage Manager/ Restaurant Manager)

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Prospective hospitality employees interested in working in hotels and motels can use training videos for hotels and motels to apply for the following positions:

          • Hotel General Manager (Back Office Assistant/ Director of Hotel Sales/ Shift Manager)
          • Housekeeper (Director of Housekeeping/ Director of Maintenance/ Executive Housekeeper)
          • Porter (Bell Attendant/ Parking Lot Attendant/ Bellhop and Bellman)

Managers of restaurants, bars, casinos, and other food establishments can as well use training videos in the hospitality industry to train the prospective hospitality workers who may, include:

          • Banquet Server
          • Barista
          • Bartenders
          • Café Manager
          • Food Runner/ Server
          • Head Waiter
          • Host/ Hostess

Interview Videos for the Hotels & Motels

Interview videos for hotels & motels comprise customer interviews and expert interviews. Expert interviews build the credibility of the brand and boost consumer education. Then customer interviews increase consumer excitement for your hotel while driving conversions. Indeed, Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Washington D.C. plays a big role in marketing your brand. 

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Interview videos for hotels and motels help to bring the hospitality workers’ personalities to light. Both the interviewers and interviewees benefit greatly from using interview videos. The videos allow the two parties to interact freely during the interview process. Interview videos also limit exposure to anything and prove to future hospitality workers that the hospitality establishment is updated as far as technology is concerned.

If you’re a smart hotel brand and want to know more about Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Washington, D.C. contact Beverly Boy Productions today!

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