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Globally, electronic cigarettes & vape shops have expanded and are expected to achieve continued revenue growth of about 30% between 2022 and 2030. Current market size for vape shops & e-cigarettes is projected to be somewhere around $7.3B and the expectation is that growth of rechargeable & modular devices will be most substantially over the next several years as developing technologies improve and mods become increasingly popular. Video Production for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops can have several key benefits including market reach, increased leads & revenue, as well as improved repeat purchases for consistent revenue growth across the brand.

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Globally, consumers engage in over 100M hours of video daily, with the average consumer spending about 100 minutes online watching video each day. Vape shops that opt to incorporate video into their marketing, advertising, and promotional strategies can achieve substantially higher revenue from sales by boosting their reach & increasing their market share across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as well as on their own corporate websites and custom landing pages.

Beverly Boy productions will assist you with the growth of your electronic cigarette and vape shop by providing expert video production services that represent your brand. Ask our team about the different ways that you can integrate promotional video products, expert video marketing, and the use of engaging interviews to grow your business and achieve sales goals for your vape brand.

Promotional Videos for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops

Promotional Video Production for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops can be used to increase social media reach, generate up to 1200% higher social shares, and boost audience interest in your campaigns. Ask any marketing professional what they think about the use of promotional video products for the growth of a campaign. 


They’re likely to report that:

  • 68% of consumers actually prefer learning about new products and places with video.
  • 64% of consumers purchase a product after they see a related video promoting it on social media.
  • 87% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing campaigns.

The decision to promote your vape products or your vape store online with video can have substantial benefits in terms of increasing your audience reach, boosting product sales, and generating revenue through your campaign. Plus, 9 out of 10 marketers agree that video is vital to marketing and promotions for today’s campaigns.

Marketing Videos for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops

Depending on the target market age for your vape shop and the methods that you’re already engaging to generate customers, marketing Video Production for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops can have significantly higher overall value in most cases. When compared to print media, text based advertising, or static image ads, videos are more powerful, effective, and efficient.

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In fact, marketing videos will:

  • Increase social media reach for your campaigns.
  • Drive increased sales for your campaigns.
  • Increase your landing page conversions up to 80% or
  • Boost organic website traffic by up to 157% or more.
  • Increase audience interest and engagement in your campaigns.

The use of marketing videos to grow your vape shop can actually trigger significantly higher sales and revenue growth compared to non-video advertising scenarios. In fact, on average, marketers that use video to grow their shops see up to 49% faster revenue growth than non-video marketing campaigns!

Training Videos for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops

Training members of your team to engage in day-to-day operations at your vape shop is an important part of hiring help, but there’s not always a lot of time to put into training. In fact, on average, businesses with less than 100 workers are spending less than 12 minutes providing manager-led training to new employees. The result is a workforce that isn’t prepared for the responsibilities that they take on, doesn’t understand exactly what the expectations of their role at work is, and may not feel comfortable in the retail position that they take on. This often leads to increased employee turnover and other concerns both for the employee & for the employer.

Training Video Production for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops can mitigate some of the training challenges that these shop owners face by providing consistent, always available, and easy to access training that helps employees feel empowered in their roles & more responsible for the outcomes that occur inside the store. The result is increased confidence, improved turnover rates, and reduced overall training times that equate to cost savings for the vape shop itself and the store owner.

Training videos are key to:

  • Providing consistent, quality training programs across your shop.
  • Increasing training value without increasing training time.
  • Reducing training costs & time, without jeopardizing training outcomes.

We’ll help you device a quality training program that is essential to delivering substantial value inside your shop to each new employee you hire. It all starts with a plan to produce effective video based training that is targeted to the need of your individual store and hiring scenarios.

Interview Videos for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops

Growing an audience is an important aspect of any marketing campaign, but there’s a difference between having a large audience and having a large audience of people that actually trust your business! When you’ve got an audience of people who trust your vape shop, they’ll share their interest with their friends & family, they’ll promote your business online, and they’ll engage with your brand in a way that equates to increased sales & revenue for your brand.


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Expert interview Video Production for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Shops can help you achieve this level of consumer trust & satisfaction with your shop that is imperative to them sharing the concept with others. By showing your audience the expertise, history, and background that you and your team bring to the shop, you’ll foster a sense of confidence, authority, and trust that no other form of content can so effectively achieve. Ask Team Beverly Boy how you can use interview videos, and various other forms of video content, to grow your audience, increase engagement & trust for your vape shop, and achieve sales goals that are integral to the growth of your brand.

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