Using Local Business Video Production to Build Your Brand

Using Local Business Video Production to Build Your Brand

In the marketing world, just about any steps you can take to build your brand are acceptable. Some brands turn to the media, others turn to boots on the ground marketing, and still others use promotions. If you’re operating a local business, it may make sense to incorporate local business video production into your brand building strategy. We’ll show you how.

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Short Videos for Improved SERP Rankings

First, you need to rank your local business in Google for all of the major searches in the local area. One of the ways that you can quickly get a page to rank is to include a video on the page. Content that includes a video is 50% more likely to rank on the first page than content that does not include a video. 

Additionally. The use of short, focused, content rich videos for your organic content pages provides an additional level of content that consumers will appreciate. Do this for all of your under-ranked pages and you’ll likely see your rankings improve — quickly.

Videos for Google My Business

Did you know that you could share local business videos to your Google my Business page? Consumers can watch the videos and share them, but most importantly — videos that you post in Google My Business (GMB) are likely to be seen by local consumers that are seeking your products or services. 

There’s no definitive proof that a video posted to GMB will cause the page or business to rank higher or more frequently for keywords in these types of Google searches, but if history tells us anything we can see that the use of video in other forms of Google content appear to improve ranking chances, and there’s a possibility that the same would be true for video added to the GMB page.


Social Media Videos

Video gets viewed on social media 2:1. Posts that include a video are more likely to be read than a post that includes text only. Therefore, using a local business video production company to help you create social media videos can help you build your brand.

Many different types of social media videos can be created including:

  • Short clips that showcase your products or services.
  • Teaser videos that provoke consumer interest in your brand.
  • Q&A videos that answer consumer questions about products or services.
  • Behind the scenes videos that provide insight into your brand.

If you’re considering the idea of using local business video production to build your brand, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We are readily available to assist you with all of your production needs.

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