What is Television Video Production

What is Television Video Production?

Television video production includes the planning, creation, hiring and coordination of production, filming, and post-production editing of film media for TV or broadcast. 

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The creation of film and video media that is broadcast on live television includes a variety of steps or techniques that are largely represented by television video production.

Producers that create content for TV, cable, or commercial broadcasting understand the importance of the production process and the various steps that take place when producing video content for television.

Television video production includes the creation of videos for TV from start to finish; this includes everything from ideation and creation of the storyline, hiring and coordination of production, filming, and post-production editing of the content. 

Live broadcasts and other forms of television media production, like most types of film and video making, include the following steps:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

These three steps of television video production can be better understood as the early planning, filming, and editing of video in preparation for distribution via the television set. 

Pre-Production of Television 

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During pre-production of television video the concept for the television show is planned and the early stages of planning out the story and script take place. From the minute the idea is formed until the script is written and the storyboard is created, pre-production is all about planning and preparation.

Once the major plans have been made, the cast is selected and an appropriate location for filming of the television show will begin.

A film crew will be coordinated and the appropriate equipment, for both audio and lighting, will be chosen. Throughout this process, a professional film crew will organize and prepare for the creation of scenes and footage that will form the basis for the visual components of the film or media for TV.

Television Video Production

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Producing film or video for TV progresses much like other forms of video content. Once cast, crew and equipment have been procured and a location for filming is set, the date for production is announced. Everyone comes together to create the scenes and various visuals that were planned during the pre-production process. 

During production, each scene is enacted and the film crew captures the appropriate video footage for the television production.

The entire process can take several days, weeks, or months and largely depends on the overall length of the television show or series as well as various other factors. Once all scenes have been filmed and appropriate b-roll support has been captured, the show progresses on.

Post-Production of Television

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During the final stage of television video production, the previously recorded scenes and footage are edited and synced with music, graphics, animations and special effects in order to create the final finished video.

This video is then shared either via live broadcast or otherwise on television. The post-production steps that are incorporated into television video production can include things like merging scenes, syncing audio files, and editing video to include special effects. 

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