6 Factors Influencing Your Recruitment Video Budget

When you consider recruitment videos for your business do you think of those in-depth, energizing, and intense commercials that come on television and encourage you to “Join the Army”?

Many think of this exact scene when we mention recruitment videos and, while they are correct on some level, there’s more to recruitment videos than your typical television commercial.

Today’s recruitment videos share the story of the brand, what it’s like to be a part of a business, and the values that come from being a part of the team in a way that engages the audience and encourages them to get involved. But what about the cost?

Recruitment video costs can range significantly depending on factors such as filming location, length of the video, and post-production editing needs. If you’re wondering how you can trim costs associated with your recruitment video without trimming quality and effectiveness, consider these influential factors that all contribute to the overall recruitment video production expense:

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1. Filming Location

Where will your recruitment video be filmed? If you film on location at your office or on the grounds of your business, you’ll absorb any costs associated with studio rental and permitting but is there enough space?

Likewise, maybe you feel like the best way to truly showcase what it would be like to work for your brand is to bring the audience to the exotic location nearby that makes your business so attractive (think beach, mountains, or other secluded areas). Unfortunately, those places can all add a significant balance to the total cost of your recruitment video production.

choosing a location from map

2. Video Script

Will your recruitment video tell the story of your brand in a way that captivates the audience and drives them to move forward with an application and potential interview with your brand?

The video script is the foundation of this story and will make or break the delivery of your recruitment content. If you struggle with finding the words, or you have never written a video script before, chances are this is something that you’ll need some help with. The video script will certainly add to the total cost of your recruitment video production but it is a vital step in the pre-production planning for the success of your content.


3. Talent

Will your recruitment video include you or other members of the organization on camera or will you hire actors to represent your brand? Actors can add to the total cost of your recruitment video production but it certainly helps when you have actors that are prepared and comfortable on camera versus someone that is unaware of the production process and what to expect.

Beverly Boy filming talent

4. Film Time

The amount of time that is spent shooting your recruitment video will play a major role in the total cost. A longer video will require more takes, more footage, and more time filming. When you spend more time shooting, each day results in added costs of the talent camera crew, sound crew, and location expenses as well as the logistics staff that help coordinate and run the shoot.

camera crew hourly rates

5. Graphics

Will your recruitment video include animations or special graphics? The graphics and other post-production editing needs that come into play when your recruitment video is produced will impact the total budget and your bottom line. Think about limiting animations or other post-production needs if you’re on a strict budget.

6. Specialty Services

Will your recruitment video include aerial footage of your business grounds? Special services such as Steadicam, drone footage, or filming in situations that are challenging or potentially dangerous or visually gruesome such as surgical instructional videos can add significant costs to production. If you’re on a tight budget, maybe you can do without that aerial footage?

medical camera crew

Ready to find out what your recruitment video budget should be for the project you’re considering? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We provide professional recruitment video production services that will bring potential applicants to your business. We can’t wait to help you.

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