Quick Tips to Start Using Video Services for Business

Quick Tips to Start Using Video Services for Business 

Producing videos for your business is a great major step towards success in your marketing efforts, but how you use video services for business is an entirely different subject. Making smart decisions about your video production priorities and the steps you take to initiate video services for your business is key. Follow these quick tips to begin using video services for your business to grow and thrive. 

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Commercial Videos 

Commercial video services for business represent one of many ways that you can incorporate video into your advertising budget. Commercial videos are excellent for building consumer awareness around your products or services. Consider Youtube commercials, social media commercials or traditional television commercials to get started. Depending on the type of video you wish to create, expect this to take about two months from start to finish. 

Explainer Videos 

Another means to getting started with video for your business is to produce explainer videos. Explainer videos help to demonstrate your products or services so that consumers can get a real live understanding of how the products work. These videos are great for consulting firms and personal businesses that provide key services to consumers. Consider explainer videos to be hosted on your website or on Youtube to garner traffic from social searches. This type of video will typically take 2-3 months to produce depending on length. 

Branded Videos 

Branded video services for business represent a means of delivering both a mix of advertising and editorial connection for consumers to get to know your brand. Videos that feature branded content are typically shorter in duration (1 minute or so) and can be shared on social media, your website, television, or in email or other marketing initiatives. Branded videos can be produced in 1-2 months and are a great way to boost knowledge around your business. 

Customer Testimonial Videos 

Customer testimonials boost brand trust by delivering real life accounts of satisfaction that comes from your brand. Customer testimonials are not rehearsed and should not feel forced. These videos are very quick to produce and typically are affordable for brands. They are ideal for sharing on social media, blogs, websites, and in newsletters. 

Tutorial Videos 

Another form of using video services for business is to produce tutorial videos for your brand. If you sell a complex product or service that is difficult to learn to use or work with, tutorial videos are a great way to boost consumer understanding and grow conversions. These videos can be a bit more in depth and may take a little longer to produce but they are generally ideal for higher ticket items and well worth the effort. 

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