Quick Tips for a Successful Website Video Commercial

Creating high quality, engaging video ads can make a world of difference in your sales and conversions. In fact, a website that includes video commercials and other forms of content is more likely to convert than those that do not include video. Here’s how make the most out of a website video commercial.

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1. Consider the Type of Video and Target Content Accordingly

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The first step to a successful website video commercial is to decide which type of video you are creating and it’s target. Is the video commercial to encourage a purchase? Will it encourage a download? Will it encourage a contact call or a form fill?

You want to create content that will encourage the viewer to take this action. The best website video commercials begin with a consideration of the action that is warranted and the type of content that will deliver the appropriate message to warrant that action.

2. Identify Target Audience

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You must know who the target audience is so that you can deliver the message to the audience. You would not talk to a kindergartner the way you would talk to an adult, right? This is similar to what would happen if you do not have your target audience defined but you create a commercial anyway! Your content may speak to an adult when it is geared for a child, or vice versa.

Advertisers must define the target audience in order to understand who the video should be targeted to. You will be far more successful if your content is targeted to the audience it is intended for.

3. Prepare a Great Script that Tells a Story

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The best website video commercials tell a story. Whether it’s the story of your brand, the story of a product or service, or some other story that is completely off the wall. It all begins with a great video ad script. A great story convinces the viewer to stick around and encourages them to watch more.

4. Storyboard and Shot Lists for Preparation

bbp crew 3 camera ops

As you work with a production company, they will build out a storyboard and shot list that will be used to help the camera and crew deliver the story that was presented in the script. Your script is only as great as the storyboard and shot list that accompanies it. In fact, a script alone is just words! Without a storyboard and shot list to creatively deliver the words, the script is really not that interesting.

Make sure that the storyboard tells the story the way you see it and that it speaks personally to your target audience.

5. Stay on Schedule

project on calendar

Successful website video commercials are produced when the film schedule is laid out in a way that works for all working individuals involved. Do your best to avoid crew fatigue by working on the commercial in the middle of the film day. Save less intricate shoots for after lunch when people will be more tired.

Do your best to get things right on set so that minimal time will be spent in re shoots. Be prepared to film out of order in order to capture the website video commercial ad in a way that works best for the crew and the director, not necessarily for yourself!

6. Watch it All Come Together in Editing

post production augmented reality

In the end, your website video commercial will really start to come together in editing. Once you have the actual footage and you are done capturing the essence of your story, post production editing will pull together the audio, footage, and special effects that make your commercial a professional production.

As you watch the edited footage come together, make sure that there is consistency in the color grading between shots and that the footage is all top-quality. Although you may be tired at this point in the game, you’re nearing the finish line! Don’t lose sight of the top quality finished project just yet!

Need help creating a website video commercial for your brand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to help you produce top quality videos for your website.

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