How Video Production Trends are Changing in 2023

Video production trends are largely changing as we enter a new year and 2023 comes into full swing. Changes across the board have largely given rise to insights into the changed video production trends for the year where we expect to see a huge increase in live streaming, greater use of drones for aerial footage, and the use of AI technology for editing. This is what we expect for the upcoming year in the world of film and video.

Increased Live Streaming

As live streaming adapts to accommodate everything from retain shopping experiences to news deliver, business conferences and virtual engagements the video production trends that are hottest for 2023 appear to be the influx of live streaming. More consumers than ever before are engaging in live stream content from the business and brands they are most focused on.

In previous years, broadcasting live was something only top news sites and sports casters could afford to do, but new improvements in technology and the widespread access to the internet means there is increased opportunity for brands to incorporate live streaming into their everyday marketing routines. 

Live streamed content appears to be popular across many businesses and brands for a variety of reasons including:

  • Live streaming brings an err of human personality to a brand.
  • Live streaming allows consumers to connect with brands in real-time.
  • Live streaming humanizes the brand.
  • Live streaming helps brands reach a very unique target audience.
  • Live streaming is one of the most rapid growing industries.

Across social media platforms, the use of live video has skyrocketed in the past few months. In fact, year-over-year growth of the live stream has reached as high as 113%. 

Greater Use of Drones for Aerial Footage

Drones have been largely used in video production over the past several years and as drone technology improves their use will continue to be seen in filmmaking. Video production companies are largely expected to continue to incorporate the use of drones for the safe, alternative capturing of aerial footage that otherwise could not be so easily filmed. 

Early use of drones proved to have some challenges, particularly associated with the safety of these flying objects. However, regulations have largely been refined, drone pilots are now commercially registered, and almost every major video production company has at least one drone pilot that can assist in the production of aerial footage.

So what’s new for 2023 when it comes to the incorporation of drone footage into videos? We largely expect to see drone footage continue, but it may not be available from every production company you call due to the regulatory requirements and commercial licensing involved. The result, we think drone footage will be largely refined although still very popular and that the most high profile production crews are going to continue to employ the use of this ever improving technology as a means of creating incredible shots that simply cannot be obtained any other way.

Use of AI Technology for Editing

Artificial intelligence is a term that has grown to mean a lot of different things over the past decade. In 2023, we’re excited to see where AI takes us in regards to film and video editing. Artificial technology is not yet widely used across video production, but we are seeing a video production trends that are changing to incorporate the use of AI technology throughout the editing process.

The more we see clients want more content, the more we expect to see new AI trends emerge in the production and post-production process as a means of more quickly pushing video content out for distribution. With editing being some of the hardest, and most labor-intense parts of the film and video production process, we’re thinking that AI is going to come into play rather frequently.

Current trends in the use of AI editing software show that there is potential to cut back the video production editing time by as much as 50% or more with the use of such technology. Naturally, additional insight is required before we’ll know just how far things will go with the use of artificial intelligence as a means of improving film and video editing processes, but it certainly appears that there is room for this technology to close some of the gaps in the post-production timeline to distribution.

As you can see, video production trends are changing in 2023 and they’re largely changing to involve the use of artificial intelligence, drone technology and other unique elements that will make processes run smoother, more efficient, or more effective. As a filmmaker, it’s easy to see that the industry has come a long way over the 100+ years since the first videos were produced and it’s exciting to see just how far things will go.

At Beverly Boy Productions, video production trends are always changing. Recent years have proven to be incredibly interesting and as our industry adapts to changes in the times, so too will our processes as well as our team. To learn more about the changing video production trends and what they mean for your projects, give us a call! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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