How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Sioux city Video Production Company?

When you begin to create a video marketing project you automatically ask How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Sioux City Video Production Company? What prompted you to create this project? The fact that a short video is the preferred format for around 68% of numerous consumers. What are some things you should realize? That the type of professional Video Production Services in Sioux city that you are going to need. For example the options are high quality, cheap, inexpensive or affordable video production in Sioux city. That is a lot to choose from.

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There are also many different video content types for you to choose from as well. A live stream video, which can share important company information and updates. And then there is a high definition promotional video, which has been an industry favorite for decades. And there are social media videos, which are an enjoyable format and are growing in popularity. Whatever type of project you hope to create, you can find our production company offering services in any of these available cities: Vermillion, South Sioux City, Le Mars, Yankton.

What makes a top quality Sioux City video production company so unique? The higher quality video production methods that they offer. Their services surpass those of the other Sioux City video companies.

Sioux City Video Production Rates

Do not underestimate the importance of Sioux City video production rates. These are usually the total cost of your project. This means that whatever Production Services, equipment and the size of crew used on your video. These are the costs of all of that. 

Using a video as an example, consider corporate explainer videos. Once you hire a video production company in Sioux City to assist you can get a more in-depth look at this project. A brief overview is that this video can share important business knowledge, answer questions from the audience, and even present problems in the industry that have already been solved. Our production company can produce these and so much more in any of the following counties: Woodbury, Adam’s, Polk, Van Buren

Now you can look more closely at what makes up your video production rates in Sioux City. As we mentioned these are the services that you use. Possible examples of those would be scriptwriting, storyboard/animatics, voiceovers, editing/design and audio balancing. Project type is another Factor. Explainer videos as well as a customer or employee testimonial are examples of that. Also the duration of your project has a direct influence on your rates. For example something as lengthy as a 5-minute video is going to be expensive because there’s a lot more work involved. The price of a 60 second video is going to be drastically less expensive. That is because it is a brief project and requires less effort.

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Sioux City Video Production Costs

Why might you need assistance with budgeting for your video? No one has more industry knowledge than a video production company. They know everything about production prices. This includes when per hour prices are used. They know how to distribute half-day and full day rates. They even offer free quotes.

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Sioux City Production company Pricing Sheet:

   • Video rendering: $90/hour to $600/hour
   • Video editors: $110/hour to $120/hour
   • Video director: $70/hour to $320/hour
   • Scriptwriter/marketer: $120/hour to $200/hour
   • Narrators/voiceovers: $240 to $540
   • Audio files: $40 to $4,000 
   • Studio shooting: $91/hour to $540/hour
   • Miscellaneous fees: $400 to $4,000
   • Cameraman: $80/hour to $540/hour
   • Actors/presenters: $100/hour to $640/hour 
   • Equipment: $80/hour to $300/hour 
   • B-roll 40% to 50% addition to shooting costs

Hiring the Right Sioux city Video Company

Another thing you should try and do is estimate a price range for your project. Previous examples have usually put this between $1,000 to 5,000. How did they arrive at this set range? They added up the Finished minutes as well as the cost of all the services and everything else involved in creating the project. When you want to answer how much does it cost to hire a Sioux City video production company this is information that you need to know. Our Production Services are available to anyone in the following zip codes: 51054, 51101, 51102, 51103, 51104.


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You can know whether or not you are hiring the Right video company. Just look at what they have to offer you. Thankfully professional video production companies offer many tools, services and information to make your job easier. If you want to get involved in pre-production, production and post-production, then consider working with Beverly Boy Productions. We invite our clients to participate in this. We believe in having our clients involved in the project so that way they stay informed on the progress. This is one way we make sure our clients feel like they are hiring the right Sioux City video company to produce their video. 

Different types of video production services:

   • Testimonial videos
   • Corporate videos 
   • Camera crews 
   • Live Streaming
   • Event videography
   • B-Roll 
   • Product videos
   • Television broadcast 
   • TV commercial production
   • Internet video production

Are you ready to receive your Sioux City video production quote? Team Beverly boy is ready to issue it to you. Ee are also ready to help you with estimating your budget by offering you a rate card. To jumpstart the process you can send us in your RFQ or RFP and we can process your information request right away. How much does it cost to hire a Sioux City video production company? We want to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain an answer to this question.

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