Enjoy Contactless Demos with Client Onboarding Videos

Contactless demonstrations of the products and services that you sell can help you to retain customers in the early stages of the sale without risking your health or safety. COVID-19 has altered the perception that people have towards face-to-face interactions with others outside their immediate family or friends circles. If you’re finding that the Coronavirus has people worried about interacting and you fear that could reduce your ability to sell products or services, consider client onboarding videos that are safe, relatively easy to produce, and 100% helpful for your prospective client audience. 

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What are Contactless Demo Videos?

Contactless demo videos represent a form of client onboarding videos that your business can use to share details about the product or service features with a wide customer (or potential customer) audience. These videos can be produced with a full production crew or they can be produced with a drop in camera kit that has been sterilized and prepared for your use and operation from a remote location. 

Demonstrating typical product or service use cases, intricate use methods, or specialty features for clients often requires face-to-face instruction. COVID-19 has changed the way brands are showing off products and services to new clients. Many clients are worried about face-to-face demonstrations and seek to build relationships with the businesses and brands that are clearly working to protect their health and the health and safety of others in the community. Contractless demonstrations via video can be used in the client onboarding process to show new clients how to get the most out of the products or services they have purchased from your business without risking their health or potential transmission of the Coronavirus.

Client onboarding demo videos allow you to demonstrate your products and services for new customers quickly and efficiently. This way, you can boost customer engagement and get new clients excited about their purchase of your products or services.

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Retain More Clients & Save Marketing Dollars

With the average cost of client acquisition being five times more than the cost of retaining a client, few businesses, if any, can truly afford to let customers slip through the cracks. Coronavirus may have changed the way businesses and brands are able to achieve client onboarding, but it certainly hasn’t stopped the process! Contactless demonstrations on video represent a great opportunity for businesses to do more with video while they equally do more to retain their clients. In addition to saving money and helping to retain clients, client onboarding videos can also provide the following benefits for your business:

  • A way to share best practices with clients to build a client relationship without the need for face-to-face interactions.
  • A way to share important messages without the need to coordinate busy schedules between client and business owners or marketing and sales teams.
  • A way to train clients on product or service use without requiring clients to commit to lengthy training schedules or ongoing meetings.

If you’re not already using contactless demos as part of your client onboarding, you should be! Call Beverly Boy Productions today to get started in creating client onboarding videos that will help you retain more clients, boost client satisfaction, and extend your marketing budget.

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