Empower Your Audience with Customer Onboarding Videos

Empower Your Audience with Customer Onboarding Videos

Customers are accustomed to using video to help them learn and do more with the products and services that they love. If you’re not already providing your best customers with customer onboarding videos that help to pave the way for their success with your products or services, you could be missing out on up to a 30% higher customer retention rate.

With the average cost per customer acquisition ranging by industry and affecting as much as 33% of your budget, few businesses can afford to pass up an opportunity to improve the customer experience and retain more people for the brand. Checkout these tips to help you empower your audience with customer onboarding videos.


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Offer In Depth Product Solutions in the Customer Onboarding Process

Customer onboarding videos that represent in-depth examples of how your products work and solve real world problems for customers can help your customer base better understand the true value of your products. Use these videos to help your customers see how they can get the most out of the products that they have purchased and put them to work in real life use cases such as those represented in your customer onboarding videos.

Provide True Customer Testimonial Accounts 

Customer testimonials that are included in your customer onboarding videos can help new customers to feel more comfortable with their purchase decision. Additionally, customer testimonials often include details on real life cases in which the product they purchased helped them solve a problem. Much like providing solutions focused videos, customer testimonials can deliver additional real world solutions cases to new customers, further improving social proof for your brand.

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Share Dos & Don’ts of the Brand

New customers aren’t going to automatically know what they should and shouldn’t do with the products or services that they’ve purchased — but you, the seller, should know! Share the “Dos and Don’ts” of the brand to help new customers learn from your past experiences and or the mistakes of others so that they don’t have to make the same mistakes on their own. You’ll save them time, and they’ll be satisfied with their purchase.

Post How-To Videos for Important Product Features

Sharing how-to videos with your customers should be a big focus for the customer onboarding videos that you post for your new customers. This will help customers to further improve their understanding of your products and get the most out of some of the more advanced features that the products provide. Automatically updating the features and how-to library as you add new products and advanced features will help long-term customers to continue to gain success from the content you share.

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