Best Practices for Landing Page Video Creation

Great landing page videos are the result of several best practices that come together to ensure a great production. In fact, landing page videos almost always follow a few essential rules if they are produced to succeed. 

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Follow along as we outline these best practices for landing page video creation that will help you succeed in increasing sales and boosting your overall ROI.

1. Educate the Audience

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Great landing page videos educate the audience about the produce or service and the way it is used by the consumer to solve a very specific problem. Landing page videos focus heavily on teaching the consumer something important about your business, product or service.

The goal of the landing page video that educates the audience is to help visitors engage with the information on your page so that they will click on the page or the video to continue through your funnel.

2. A Single Goal

Have you ever gone to a landing page that appears to be all over the place? You read through one section and then another and another, they all seem to bounce around and meanwhile the CTAs are kind of all over the place too. That is NOT a quality of a good landing page!

The best landing pages have a single goal. Great landing page videos have a single goal too! Whether the goal is to have visitors call your number to book an appointment or to your goal is to have the visitor purchase something, the landing page video must stick with a single defined goal instead of confusing the viewer.

Include a clearly outlined CTA that helps the viewer to know exactly what you expect of them.

3. An Engaging Story

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The best landing page videos include a great story that has the power to keep the audience interested and following along. Storytelling is an art that only the best video production companies and crews have.

In fact, several producers at Beverly Boy Productions are highly skilled in the art of storytelling with video. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to discuss the steps we will take to tell your brand story with video!

In order to tell a story with your branded video you must know your audience and their pain points. Those pain points are the foundation for the story and the inspiration for the video content. A successful landing page video will inspire the viewer to take action after hearing the story of the brand.

4. CTA

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A clearly defined call to action that is delivered at the end of the video is a best practice that has not changed in landing page video production and probably will not change anytime soon. How do you write a clear CTA?

Consider a call to action that convinces visitors to perform a very particular action. Your CTA may ask your viewer to call your number or it may ask for an email sign up. No matter what the CTA asks for, it does so in a way that is consistent and easy to understand for viewers.

To find out which CTA is best for your landing page video, consider A/B testing call to action buttons in your landing page videos before your distributing.

5. Thumbnail

Landing page videos show a thumbnail that helps the viewer to know what the video is likely about, is relevant and is enticing. The thumbnail image is an important element of landing page video creation because it will not display on landing pages when the video is not being played.

This is the image that viewers will see before they play the video so, in order to get them to click, it must be good!

Would you click to watch a video if the thumbnail image is no good? Probably not! That’s why a great thumbnail is one of several landing page video best practices.

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