8 Great Video Ideas for Small Businesses

8 Great Video Ideas for Small Businesses 

Small businesses use video for a variety of purposes. From promotional videos that help them to sell products or services to team interview videos that help them to humanize their brand, businesses are quickly realizing the video is an absolute must for all marketing initiatives. While small businesses are finding many unique ways to use video these 8 great video ideas for small businesses are an absolute must! 

1. Teaser Videos 

Teaser videos are a short, fun way that businesses can boost interaction on their website or to their brand. Consider using teaser videos that are 30 seconds or less to showcase upcoming events, blog posts, or products that you are launching for your small business. 

2. Facebook Cover Videos 

Many small businesses are unaware of the fact that they can create a Facebook cover video. A cover video will help your Facebook cover to stand out against competitors. Consider a very short, repeating sequence that showcases your brand on social media. 

3. Lovable List Videos 

Must like people love to read blog posts that are made up of long lists of curated content, video lists are welcomed online too. While there are many different video ideas for small businesses to utilize, list style videos are a great replacement for written blog posts. As an added bonus, these types of videos are likely to be shared on social media too.

4. Social Media Video Ads 

Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest with video helps your small business stand out against the competition. Social media video ad lengths vary but generally should be under 2 minutes and do best when they are Native videos (hosted on the social media platform where the ad is shared). 

5. Promotional Videos 

Few video ideas for small businesses are as effective as the promotional video that takes into account the target audience and targets a deep connection with their emotions. Consider seasonal promotions of products or services and target a particular audience. DO NOT slack on figuring out your audience! 

6.  Customer Testimonial Videos 

Testimonial videos can boost trust and conversions for your small business. Consider both customer testimonial videos and employee testimonial videos for maximum exposure and consumer connections for your small business. Make sure you allow the speaker to be genuine and do not make the video appear scripted or rehearsed. 

7. Viral Social Videos 

While there is no specific method of creating viral videos, there are some key elements that are found in most videos that go viral on social media. Small businesses can create potentially viral video content by focusing on deep emotional connection, controversial topics, and high viewer engagement. 

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8. Business Introduction Videos 

Corporate culture videos or business introduction videos represent two great video ideas for small business that will make your brand more recognizable to consumers. Use video to connect your brand to the consumer and share your business with the world. Introduce the faces behind your business and provide consumers with videos that help them to connect with the employees behind your brand.

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