6 Video Marketing Tips for Small Local Businesses

6 Video Marketing Tips for Small Local Businesses 

Small local businesses often struggle most when the economy shifts. But staying in front of the consumer, and keeping your brand recognized is key to keeping sales up. Many small businesses don’t realize that they can benefit greatly from the same video marketing tips and tactics that big brands are already using every single day. Checkout these 6 tips for effective video marketing for small local businesses. When you’re ready to get started, give Beverly Boy Productions a call to create powerful small business marketing videos for your brand.

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1. Produce Educational Videos 

Education videos teach consumers about your products or services. Educational marketing videos for small local businesses can help consumers better understand your products or services, your brand, or something related to your company. Consider a day in the life of video that help consumers connect to your employees and your brand. Teach them how your brand works. 

2. Produce Product Videos 

Product videos represent one of many ways that video marketing for small local businesses can help consumers better understand your brand. Product videos highlight a product, share creative ways to use the product, and help consumers move closer toward purchasing your product. Product videos represent an out-the-box marketing video that small b businesses can use to differentiate their products from their competition. 

3. Produce Customer Testimonials 

A vital element to any business marketing mix, consumer testimonial videos represent a jackpot for small local businesses. Consider using video marketing for small local businesses that focuses on the use of both customer testimonials and employee testimonials to build up the reputation of your brand as someone that everyone can trust. Before you know it, sales will be off the charts. 

Videographer Prepping Camera Gear 157

Filming a Testimonial on a FS7

4. Instructional Videos 

Teaching your audience how to use your products or services is vital in the early days of opening a small local business. Instructional videos are one of many ways video marketing for small local businesses can 

be used to boost consumer understanding and perceived value of your brand. Keep instructional videos relevant to the products and services that you offer and help consumers feel more encouraged to book an appointment with you. 

5. Offer Tips & Tricks 

Videos that deliver direct tips and tricks to help consumers solve problems will boost the value that they see in your brand. A single video that solves a consumer’s problem will have them trusting in your brand and your face. This can increase traffic to your local store while encouraging further engagement with your brand. 

6. Corporate Announcements 

As you continue to work on producing video marketing for small local businesses, consider putting your corporate announcements in video. This way you can share them on social media, email newsletters, and on your website. These videos will demonstrate your brand connection with consumers and can help you to stand out against the competition. 

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