5 Ways B2B Video Production Differs from B2C Production

5 Ways B2B Video Production Differs from B2C Production

Video marketing is a rapidly growing technique that both business-to-business marketers and business-to-consumer marketers utilize. Whether you’re marketing directly to other businesses, B2B, or you’re more focused on delivering products or services that are sold directly from your business to the consumer, B2C, you’re likely to incorporate video marketing into your campaigns. However, the way that you deliver these campaigns, and the styles of video or types of tactics utilized in your efforts will certainly differ based on whether you’re marketing B2B or B2C.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with a variety of professionals in both the B2B and B2C industries producing videos for them on a variety of topics or for various needs. More than 20 years of experience has taught us that the process is slightly different between the two. 

B2B marketing and B2C marketing are similar in many ways, but when it comes to BDB video production several key differences are found. These are the top 5 ways that B2B video production is different from B2C production.

1. Broadcast Quality is the Norm

While producing videos for businesses always requires exceptional quality, we find that businesses that market to other businesses are usually more strict about the quality of their marketing campaigns and require something a step above what the average B2C entity might ask for. 

Marketing to consumers leaves a lot of room for content to be interpreted in various ways.

However, marketing to other businesses means you’ll be showing your content to upper-level managers that are likely to interpret a poorly-produced video as coming from a company that doesn’t care much about their clients. This may make the business feel like you’re not worth them investing in.

2. There’s Less Room for Creativity 

Not entirely, but B2B video production typically has less room for creativity as compared to producing marketing videos for a B2C business.

Why? Because when creating marketing content for a B2C business, you’re trying to reach and target a variety of consumers which means you can alter initiatives and change it all up a bit without any real negative implications. 

Promoting content to a B2B business will require more focus on tried and true methods that are known to have worked and been effectively in the past.

Typically there’s less humor, less striking of emotion, and less focus on the diverse customer base with B2B video production as compared to B2C production.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with the work at all, just that there is less room for creativity that would go beyond the norms of the business.

3. Videos are Longer

Producing B2B videos typically results in a longer film than what would be expected when marketing for B2C businesses. In fact, most B2C marketing videos are much shorter in total duration than the typical video that is used for a B2B campaign. 

Since B2C businesses have to reach far more consumers and compete with far more businesses and brands than most B2B businesses, video length is typically shorter with the most important information jammed into the beginning of the video to ensure the consumer sees it.

Likewise, the expectation is that B2B campaigns are more likely to be watched for a longer time, so information is more spaced out with important details mixed throughout a video that is up to two minutes long. 

4. Focus is Typically on Educating

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While B2C videos can focus on a variety of topics, the typical focus for B2B videos is on educating the client or prospective customer.

Producing videos for businesses that market to other businesses will ultimately depend on the client and their needs as well as the audience that they are targeting, but there is generally less room for the various adjustments in communicating unique style or underlying values, and a higher focus on informing and educating the other business owner on the services or products provided.

5. Attention to Detail is More Important than Ever

B2B video production results in videos that are to be shared with other business owners and upper level leaders which means that the content must be as close to perfect for the business as possible.

Any flaw could be perceived as a lack of value which may trickle down to the business that they are trying to sell to and cannot be tolerated. Attention to detail is vital to ensure no fine detail is overlooked. 

While this is equally important in B2C video production, we find that B2B video production typically requires a bit more staying within the lines, following business standards and viewpoints, and focusing on doing whatever it takes to make the business come off as professional as possible.

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