5 Tips on Professional Training Video Production

5 Tips on Professional Training Video Production 

Professional training videos are a vital element to keeping your team trained and abreast of new procedures or corporate responsibilities. With more and more teams looking for ways to learn without being in large groups or face-to-face with one another, the professional training video production process has become more viable than ever before. If you’re looking for ways to improve your professional training video production process, consider the following tips and tricks. 

1. Stick to the Key Message 

Training videos are great, but some of them tend to go a little too far off topic and have trouble reeling the viewer back in at the end. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, you’re not alone! Professional training video production should almost always begin with a clearly defined message and identification of the key points that will deliver the message without going off topic. If you find yourself veering off, consider creating an additional training video on the other subject to ensure everyone gets the information without it being overwhelming or off subject.  Cramming too much info into one video is not conducive to learning. 

2. Define Your Audience 

You cannot produce training video content without a clearly defined audience to work with. Viewers need to be directly connected to the information that is being delivered to them. If you’re talking to viewers like they are doctors, but they are actually the lower level orderlies, things are going to be confusing and off topics. Define your audience upfront and make sure that the content is created with that audience in mind. Your professional training video production should focus on key demographics of the audience so that they can sense the connection. 

3. Stick with a Set Style 

Will you deliver content that’s humorous? Will it be dry but full of data? Will it use a talking head? What style will you deliver the training content in? Stick to a style and try not to bounce around too much as this can make the content confusing. You want your professional training video production to deliver content that is effective, balanced, and easy to digest. The style will play a key role in all of this. 

4. Write the Script 

Professional training video production almost always includes a script. This isn’t something that you can just wing. When you hire a professional like Beverly Boy Productions to help you create training videos they will work diligently to produce a script that the team will then rehearse until everything is just right. Script writing is an art all its own. Definitely not something you should just DIY. 

5. Monitor Success 

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The key to professional training video production lies in monitoring the success of the content. How will you gauge whether the video was successful or not? What key metrics will you measure? You don’t have to necessarily evaluate every element of the video, but you need a plan for monitoring success. Whether you’re measuring success based on the reduced number of training incidents 6 months post, or based on employee evaluations, or by some other metric, you should have that outlined in advance. This way you have a clear path to success with your professional training video production process.

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