5 Tips for Effective Video Production for Restaurants

Video is the most widely consumed media form online today. In fact, 90% of internet users watch videos online periodically. More and more people are turning to the internet, specifically video, when they are trying to decide where to eat. Effective video production for restaurants puts your content in front of the eyes of an interested audience that’s ready to digest your footage right away. 

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These tips will help you ensure your video content is a success for your restaurant.

1. Be Genuine & Professional

Video production for restaurants must be genuine just as much as it is professional. You can’t just share a video that shows a top-quality restaurant and an overly formal setting if the restaurant is a laid back sports bar style facility. You must be genuine with your video production.

Viewers want to see your restaurant in the video and get an idea of what they can expect if the come for a visit. Don’t intimidate the average person but don’t be too laid back either. You’ll have to find the balance. A genuine shoot is much better than one that will leave consumers disappointed when they come for a visit.

2. Use Lighting to Set the Mood

Video production for restaurants often includes some footage of the interior of the restaurant. The lighting for your production should be natural enough to set the mood and soft enough to reduce hard shadows and lines that would appear on actors faces.

You can use translucent shades to reduce shadows on the set. If you have an outdoor dining area, consider capturing some footage from that area to capitalize on the natural lighting and the warmth of the sun.

3. Shoot Establishment Shots After Hours

Empty Bar Filled With Lights

If you’re planning on shooting shots of the restaurant, such as outdoor seating or indoor areas, make a point to schedule the shoot when the restaurant is not open. This way, the restaurant will be as quiet as possible, and you’ll have the least interference from outside noise.

If you’re restaurant is located in an area where the noise is uncontrollable you should take steps to prepare for the noise.

Bringing in added equipment to capture sound may be the only real solution you have against the noise of a restaurant. Consider additional microphones or other elements to gather the best possible audio for film.

4. Plan, Storyboard & Shot List

The best restaurant videos are planned out accordingly and they include a storyboard that showcases how the video will come together. Even a basic restaurant video can be described, frame-by-frame in a storyboard and can later have a shot lists accompany it.

Together, the planning, storyboard and shot list are the tools that will be used by the restaurant video production company to produce a top quality video for your restaurant.

These are essentially the roadmap to creative success for your video.

5. Let Creativity Win

Close-up of Human Hand

Restaurant video production has plenty of room for creativity. In fact, sometimes going off script is the best thing that happens to a commercial or similar piece of video content. As you work to produce top quality videos for your restaurant, be sure to allow creativity to lead the way. Fresh ideas are best, and the more natural the idea is, the better.

A restaurant video that ends up with some information that is not from the script can still be a great video. A seemingly perfect shot may be better if you give it one more chance! Let creativity win here! Try something new. Try to go without a script. Or consider taking that perfect shot one more time if you can! Some of the most creative final videos are those that allowed for creativity to have a time in the process too!

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