5 Tips for Aligning Your Video Production Projects with Your 2023 Business Goals

As you’re brainstorming your video production projects and the next steps that you’ll take to ensure that you’re creating powerful marketing videos that help your business to grow, what are you thinking most about? You should be focused on the fact that the use of video for your marketing is only as powerful as your efforts to make sure that you’re taking steps to align your video production projects with your 2023 business goals. A powerful digital video strategy requires this close alignment between your video production projects and your business goals.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, customers frequently ask us how they can be sure that they are aligning their video production projects appropriately to their business goals and targets.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of steps to help you be sure that you’re doing exactly what it takes to align your content to your business strategy and goals.

1. Examine Past Successes

The first step to effectively aligning your video production projects with your current or upcoming business goals of 2023 is to examine your past successes.

Take a look at the marketing campaigns that were most effective for you in the past 12 months and the methods you used to align your campaigns with your business growth strategy.

Analyze what worked for you in the past and make a list of the style of content that your audience engaged with the most and most frequently. 

2. Look at Your Competition

Next, you’re going to take a look at how your competition works. You need to try to figure out what styles of video content they’ve tried and what they’ve had success with as well as what they’ve failed at.

The goal here is to determine the types of content that are most valuable to your competition. This can save you the time of trying out certain styles of content and failing yourself.

3. Consider Industry Trends

The next step to aligning your video production projects with your business goals is to look closely at trends in your industry.

These trends should be closely monitored so that you can take steps to involve your content in the types of topics that are trending in your industry.

Pay very close attention.

4. Plan Videos That Include Variations of Past Successes

Now that you know what you’ve been successful with in the past, and you know what your competition has tried and failed at, you can focus on aligning your video production projects with your business goals while utilizing the data that you’ve gained.

It’s also important to think closely about your business goals.

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Are you:

  • Trying to grow awareness of your brand?
  • Trying to grow traffic to your brand?
  • Trying to sell more products or services?
  • Trying to keep customers around longer?
  • Trying to build trust among customers?

5. Create Content to Align with User Personas

As you continue to drive your video production projects and the goals that you have for the campaigns you’re producing, think about how you can create content that also aligns with your user personas.

This content should closely connect with the personas that you created in your early marketing stages and should closely relate with any added features to your user personas that you’ve defined over time. 

Trust in Team Beverly Boy

Taking these steps to ensure that your video production projects are aligned with your business goals will help you to achieve maximum success with your content and boost your bottom line.

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