5 Reasons to Outsource Video Production Rather than Filming In-House

5 Reasons to Outsource Video Production Rather than Filming In-House

According to recent reports, more than 82% of internet traffic is to online videos, up from just under 60% a couple of years ago. The figure is expected to grow in the coming years signifying that video marketing is certainly here to stay. While there’s no question as to the importance of video production for your business, you might be wondering if you should outsource video production or if it makes sense to keep your filmmaking in-house?

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If you’re like most business owners, you want to be sure that you can scale your video marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

Naturally you need your videos to be effective, they must be top quality, and they absolutely must convert your visitors into paying customers. 

Fortunately, you’re aware of the fact that 65% of consumers state they are more likely to purchase a product or service after they see a branded video that relates to the product or service.

Again, there’s no question that video is important.

The Why

So what are the reasons for a business owner, like yourself, to consider outsourcing video production? For most, it all starts with cost, skills, quality, time, and efficiency.

In fact, these are the 5 most common reasons to outsource video production rather than choosing to produce videos in-house. Here’s why.

1. In-House vs. Outsource Video Production Costs

Let’s take a look at costs. We all know that budget is a key factor in many business decisions. So, take the average cost of a video which is between $1,000 and $10,000 per finished minute.

And multiply that by the average total minutes of video that you anticipate producing for your business. That’s your estimated cost if you outsource video production.

Since most marketing videos are 2 minutes or less, if your business plans to produce 1 video per month at a rate of let’s just say $10,000 per video which is $5,000 per minute.

Then you’re looking at $120,000 per year in costs to outsource video production for your brand.

Other Methods

The alternative is to purchase equipment, software, hardware, and hire a crew in-house to produce video content for you.

Producing a single 2 minute video per month will certainly not require full-time camera crews or editors, but it’s going to require paying your crew part time.

The Numbers Add

Additionally, you’re going to have to pay someone to manage the crew too.

It’s pretty safe to say that you’re going to spend substantially more upfront in gear, equipment, operational costs, and overhead than you would if you were to outsource.

So unless you intend to produce daily video content you’re probably better off outsourcing.

2. In-House vs. Outsource Video Production Skills

Unless you have a background in filmmaking, acquiring the skills it takes to compete with professional film production crews is probably out of question.

Sure, someone on your team might have some basic filmmaking or editing skills.

But do you have an entire team of professionals with the creative backgrounds and historic skill levels required to produce professional quality footage? 

A Team of Experts

When you outsource, you’re getting an entire team of skilled professionals on your side.

You get professional cinematographers, professional screenwriters, and professional film editors all that put their hardest work into your project.

To achieve this in-house, you would have to hire multiple professionals taking on a significant overhead. 

3. In-House vs. Outsource Video Production Quality

If you’re looking for unsurpassed quality, you should almost certainly outsource video production.

Hiring a professional film production company, like Team Beverly Boy, provides you with an advantage above and beyond your competition.

You can expect the latest and greatest technology, equipment, and quality in your project. 


A team of dedicated video experts who focus on advancing and improving their skill level.

As well as production quality every single day will take on your project treating your business like it is their own.

Sure, you can hire in-house for this. But it will take a lot of resources that the average business simply does not have.

4. Limited In-House Resources vs. Outsource Video Production Time

When it comes to time, outsourcing is the way to go! If you don’t have the time to oversee a camera crew, find and secure a filming location, plan and coordinate your team, and execute a film shoot followed by countless hours editing.

You could probably say that time is NOT on your side. This is true for most business owners, which is another reason to outsource video production.

Outsourcing saves you tons of time. As you improve your process, you’ll find that each video project is completed more quickly and with more efficiency.

Let the professional video production crew handle what they do best, and you can focus your time on your business.

5. Run Your Business Efficiently and Outsource the Rest

Let’s just say it, sometimes it’s better to outsource projects. Sometimes it makes more sense. Sometimes it’s just more efficient overall. You know how to run your business.

You have the skills, resources, and background in the industry that allow you to efficiently do your job.

If you’re not a film producer, cameraman, or film editor by trade then you’re probably not going to be the most efficient individual for the job. 

In Summary

If you’re trying to find a reason to outsource video production, consider how valuable your time is.

Think about how valuable your skills are to your brand and how valuable the professional skills of a film crew could be to your project.

Consider what it would mean to have top quality professionals working on your project the same way you provide top quality services or products to others in your industry.

There are tons of reasons to outsource video production, these are just the top 5. 

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