5 Reasons to Choose Custom Business Videos for Your Small Business

5 Reasons to Choose Custom Business Videos for Your Small Business 

Video marketing is a growing trend that many small business owners are only just getting into. However, the power of custom business videos to boost brand recognition, drive consumer sales, and increase reach for small business owners is widely accepted. According to recent studies, businesses that use video have higher reach, increased conversions, and greater ROI. If you’re still on the fence or trying to decide whether custom business videos are really worth their investment, consider these top 5 reasons to choose custom business videos for your brand. 

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1. Boost ROI 

Businesses that use video the right way are raving about the increased ROI that comes from video marketing over other forms of content creation. Even long-term businesses that have extensive content on their sites are turning to video to boost their ROI. Many are placing videos on existing webpages and watching their content soar through the search engines to first page rankings. The increased ROI allows them to reinvest in producing more video content. 

2. Increased Search Rank 

Custom business videos for your business can catapult your website to the top of the search results. Google absolutely loves when websites include video content on their pages. The more you can include video for your band, the greater your search rankings are likely to be. In fact, you are currently more than 53% more likely to be on the first page of Google if you embed custom business videos on your pages. 

3. Video Explains Complex Topics 

Explainer videos are one of the most valuable forms of custom business videos for your brand. Why? Because explainer videos have the power to make even the most complex topics easy to understand. Consumers that better understand your products or services and the value that your brand provides are more likely to purchase. Brands that use explainer videos find that they increase consumer satisfaction and understanding with minimal effort. 

4. Video Engages Lazy Consumers 

Let’s not call all consumers lazy, but we all know the ones that are too busy scrolling social to invest in anything else. However, video engages even the laziest consumer. Consumers aren’t looking to read long descriptions of products or services. They’re looking for a short, 30-90 second video that tells them (and shows them) everything they need to know. 

5. Video is Shared 

Custom business videos help your brand stand out on social, online, and anywhere video content can be posted. Social media videos are shared 150% more frequently than images alone. Likewise, custom business videos that are added to your website have a chance of being shared online too. In fact, 76% of consumers say that they share video content with friends and family. If you’re not using custom business videos for your products, services, and features — you’re missing out!

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