4 Reasons to Use Customer Onboarding Videos for Your Business

4 Reasons to Use Customer Onboarding Videos for Your Business

The success that customers have when using your products or services will make or break whether they are satisfied with their purchase. Ultimately, customer success is a key indicator of long term growth and the overall success of your brand. Appropriate customer onboarding that trains customers to use and get the most out of your products or services can increase customer satisfaction and consumer retention. Customer onboarding videos represent one way for you to train your customers and employer them to have a positive experience with your brand. If you’re not already using customer onboarding videos, checkout these 4 reasons to get started right away.

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1 Positive Customer Experience is Deciding Factor in Customer Retention

If your customer doesn’t have  a positive experience with your products or services the likelihood of them sticking around is slim. A positive customer experience is a major deciding factor in customer retention. Happy customers stick around– unhappy customers don’t. It’s really that simple! 

Customer onboarding videos share how to use your products or services with new customers so that they can achieve their goals. In a world where acquiring a new customer can be as much as 5 times more expensive than retaining an existing one, customer experience is a VERY important element for you to be considering and paying very close attention to.

2 Easy Collaboration without Scheduling

Some customers will refrain from purchasing a product or service simply because they do not have time to go through the onboarding process — did you read that? Some customers will REFRAIN from purchasing a product or service simple because they DO NOT HAVE TIME to go through the onboarding process. Customer onboarding videos save customers time and they save you time too! There’s no need to coordinate busy schedules and get everyone on the same timeframe in order to help a customer learn your product or service. 

3 Onboard Quickly & Conveniently

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Customers are not looking for another product or service that requires them to be actively engaged in lengthy training sessions in order to get the most out of the offering. Instead of asking customers to commit to lengthy training seminars or sessions, share customer onboarding videos with each of your new customers and let them do the rest. They can conveniently onboard on their time — anytime.

4 Face-to-Face, Low-Touch Instruction

Customers want to help themselves get the most out of the products and services that they purchase but they are worried–especially in times where words like Coronavirus and COVID-19 and Pandemic are commonplace. Customer onboarding videos represent a low-touch, face-to-face instruction method that allows customers to learn the tips and tricks they need to get the most of the features and options provided in the products or services they have purchased from your business without physically being in the same room with someone who may carry the Coronavirus. This puts many customers at ease and makes them more likely to make a purchase just knowing that the onboarding process is safe and sanitary.

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