10 Great Tips for Shooting Video in Atlanta

10 Great Tips for Shooting Video in Atlanta 

Sometimes referred to as “Hotlanta”, Atlanta Georgia is a city of robust culture and plenty of humidity. The summer temperatures can be tough to deal with but if you visit in July there’s a 50/50 chance of rain to cool you off. Atlanta is home to several attractions that make great backdrops for b-roll footage. From the CNN studio, to the Coca-Cola factory, visiting Atlanta is sure to be exciting. Make sure if you’re planning to shoot video in Atlanta that you prepare and read up before you go.

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#10. – Rush Hour 

It’s a dirty word that is said in major cities worldwide and Atlanta is no different. Rush Hour traffic can make travel through the city a nightmare. Be prepared to spend an extra hour or two in traffic, especially if you’re traveling during the hours of 6-9Am and 3-7PM. 

#9. — Skyline Views 

Atlanta doesn’t always lend to a full skyline shot, but if you visit the Jackson Street Bridge you can get a partial skyline view of the city that is ideal for your shoot.

 Atlants Street Bridge

#8. — A “BIG” City 

People refer to Atlanta but sometimes they are referencing an area well outside the city. Atlanta, according to residents and locals, is actually MUCH larger than it looks. Be prepared to extend “Atlanta” outside the I-285 beltway into other towns. Also known as the perimeter. 

#7. — Rent a House 

Atlanta has several rental houses available throughout that make visiting for a shoot comfortable for you and your crew. Consider renting a house for your film crew so that everyone can rest comfortably after a day of shooting. It’s much better than a hotel. 

#6. — Crowd Shots 

Capture a crowd shot from the Georgia State Campus or visit the Peach tree Center Ave SE and capture Decatur Street. You’ll appreciate the views of the city and the people as they do their thing. 

#5. — Shoot Freedom Parkway 

A view from the Walking Dead Series that is sure to be recognized, Freedom Parkway is a great place for a vantage point shot over the Turner Field. Shoot during Golden Hour for the absolute best footage. 

#4. — ATL Airport 

One of the busiest airports in the world, be prepared to spend some extra time traveling in and out of the airport if this is how you get to the city. Atlanta airport welcomes over 96M passengers annually and growing. 

#3. – Weather 

It’s hot. Plain and simple. Atlanta weather is hot and humid most of the year. You may occasionally see some snow in the winter but it’s rare and mild if so. Most of the time, hot and humid are the main characteristics of Atlanta weather. 

#2. – City of Atlanta Office of Entertainment 

The City of Atlanta Office of Entertainment is your go to source for film permitting through the city. Contract them to schedule filming, production, and other needs. 

#1. — Georgia Film Commission 

Video Production Filming Camera

Also known as the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, they are your go to source for help with anything relative to a film permit in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia really. If you plan to visit, contact the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office before you come. 

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