7 Viral Video Tactics for Success

Viral video content isn’t something that just magically happens. Viral videos are planned, produced, and executed with success in mind.

While there is no single element that guarantees the success of a viral video, there are some tactics and tricks that you can use to encourage the success of viral content for your brand. With the right combination of these 7 elements, you might see a video of yours go viral!

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1. Strong Personality Representation of Your Brand

Video content that represents the personality of your brand in a unique and captivating way could go viral.

Viral videos often focus more on personality and less on the sale. In fact, sales videos rarely find their way to the viral success board, but a lighthearted approach that shows the true personality of your brand in a fun or playful way just might hit the mark. Consider showing your personality off in a way that will connect with a wide audience and that they can resonate with. 


2. A Catchy, Clickable Title

No, you can’t just use clickbait and go viral! But, you can use a click-worthy title that is backed by a video that delivers on the promise and go viral! While the video title isn’t actually a part of the video, the title is often a key player in the viral element of successful viral videos. When writing your video titles, consider the following:

● Pique the curiosity of the people.

● Deliver a title that is a true reflection of the content contained in the video.

● A/B test titles to find out which work best.

● Use trigger words that captivate and grab attention.

3. Touch Those Emotions

Viral videos often find their way in front of the eyes of millions not because they deliver some shoddy and boring message but because they tug at the heartstrings, connect deeply with the emotions of the audience and make an emotional impact. Touching the emotions of a wide audience is an absolutely VITAL element to viral video content. 

If you can make the audience FEEL something, happy, sad, mad, or otherwise, they will share and they will express their emotions and your content will stand a major chance of potentially going viral! Just remember, you make a bunch of people mad and go viral, it’s not necessarily going to work out the same as if you made a bunch of people happy.

4. Mobile Optimization

Videos that are long, difficult to download, slow, poorly produced, pixelated, or otherwise awful for mobile are not likely to go viral. You’ve got to produce highly optimized mobile video content that can be viewed and shared around the world. Your video should be mobile-friendly, easy to see, easy to understand, and easy to translate without sound. 

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5. Core Message is Focused

A core message that is focused and central to the theme of the video is another key element that we see in many viral videos that succeed. In fact, if you deliver a centralized message that is back to basics, mind-blowingly simple, you are more likely to go viral than if you deliver content that is confusing and all over the place. 

As you write your video script, consider how you will deliver the central message to your audience. Consider the simplicity of it all and do what you can to make the message the heart of the content. If the story were to be eliminated, and all that was left is the core message, would it be good? 

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6. Focus & Clarity

Viral videos are clear, concise, and focused. You have mere seconds to capture someone’s attention and pull them in. If you don’t deliver a concise message, or you don’t stay focused on your content, you’ll lose their interest.

To increase the potential for your video content to go viral you need a clear and concise message that is focused. You’ve got 10 seconds at most to capture, engage, and keep the audience around. After 30 seconds you’ll lose at least ⅓ of your audience. Make it count!

7. Distribution Plan

Viral videos have a distribution plan that puts them in front of a wide audience in the first place. A video that goes undistributed will not go viral–period. Viral videos don’t come out without a purpose. They are planned, from start to finish, from pre-production to distribution. You’re up against 72 hours of video that is distributed on YouTube every minute–if you don’t have a marketing and distribution plan, you will not succeed!

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Ready to produce a viral video that will bring awareness and traffic to your brand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We specialize in top quality video production services and provide support worldwide. We can’t wait to get started on your project. 

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